Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aunt and Uncle Love

Raegan had a DELIGHTFUL time at the zoo.

At a few points she exclaimed with glee, " Uncle Timmy, This is the BEST. DAY. EVER".

I'm not a fan of dragging little babies out for trips they won't even remember so she had not been before. Three is a great age to introduce wee ones to things like the Zoo. They are old enough to know what they are looking at and usually old enough to 'mostly' control themselves in public.

Raegan was perfectly behaved - aside from wanting to sing, "You are beeeautiful" or "I just saw a creeeepy bird" loudly as we walked through echoing tunnels.

We saw a ton of fun stuff - a Mother Gorilla and her baby, a Mama Elephant and her baby and a monkey with a tye died butt. I tend to forget - as I have lived here my entire life - that our zoo is actually world renowned. It was a treat for me to go too.

Thanks Uncle Timmy and Aunt Whitnee! What a FABULOUS, idea.