Saturday, February 5, 2011

Withdrawn, No More!

I kid you not - every time I congratulate myself on writing consistently and daily;  I end up with a week off of writing.

FFS, Meli!

This week was tough and I'll spare you the details and just fast forward to the weekend and all. is. good!

I will ask you to pray for Baby John. He still has congestion. I don't like it, at all. The professionals all say that he will can have congestion/cough for up to a month. He runs no fever, eats and plays like normal but has a cough. I am thisclose to taking him back to the doc this week just to make sure it hasn't turned into anything - it has been 3 weeks! I don't wanna wait another week! I really wish for him to be better now.

I ordered a new camera! YAY! : ) I cannot wait to take some pictures and see how his looks have changed! They do constantly when they are babies. I, have pictures of almost every day of his life. I love to scroll through them. I will love updating them to 7 months!

This week was good for Abby - I was proud of her. She and her friend, also Abby want to help the homeless. She came home with a list of things they could do. They did it totally on their own over recess. How sweet is that, right? She wants to grow a garden. Also, Abby is the president of the club, and Abby is the Vice President. Their clubs name is: Abby's for Care!

Jake snuck and called a girl tonight. I am not really pleased so much! I do not wish to talk about my baby boy calling girls.

Raegan has had a good week, but that's a given. She's an eternal, enthusiastic, appreciative, exciting, refreshing little girl. It's always a good week for her!

Wilo had a GREAT week because he was able to reward himself with a fancy, new TV! I've mentioned before that TV is really not a necessity for me - I don't mind living without one, or with a so/so one b/c I can live without watching much. BUT, The time had come where Wilo wanted a new one - and we really neeeeded one. Ours was very outdated and not very pleasing on the eyes. Sooo, we rewarded ourselves with one! Wilo was like a kid! I loved it. He took Jake with him to get it and they both had a good time. Aaaannnd, I must say for the TV I do watch - I definitly appreciate the better,  swanky TV.

So that's our deal. I was a little withdrawn from everything this week - you know it happens to me, sometimes! - but all turned out well. But, I wonder what kind of posts I would have if I pushed myself to write during those 'withdrawn' periods....

Here is to catching back up on writing!