Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Reagan's 100th Birthday....

One of the things I never tire of teasing Wilo about is the fact that we named our youngest daughter, my mini-me after the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

Now, even though Wilo is a raging, far left, liberal - He can recognize and appreciate the monumental contributions President Raegan made to our society. But, he most certainly did not name his daughter after him.

But...I kinda did!


I loved the name Raegan - and dreamt of opening up the doors to the Florida Room we had and calling for a little blond girl named Raegan. It's Celtic and unique, and simply fit. Wilo totally agreed and settled on it very quickly too - with the two stipulations. One - we must keep the spelling authentically Irish. Two - I must never make jokes about naming her after the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

I can't help it you guys! I must make jokes! He really IS the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER! I really do believe that with all of my heart.  I do not think my generation has seen any president that warrants any type of comparison. He was wise, intelligent, honorable, humble, charismatic, and genuine. The positive things he put in places lasted decades; What he accomplished while in office puts him at the same table with Roosevelt and Truman, great men of that stature.

Today would've been his 100th Birthday. So, here's to you Mr. President. Thank you for changing the world for the better for my own little Raegan.