Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I had been looking forward to a Family Day for the past several weeks.  Despite me being home full time, our family can become caught up in BUSY and before you know it, it has been a while since the whole lot of us are home together, with nothing planned.

We deemed this past Sunday as our family love day - inspired by Valentines Day the following day. I worked very hard on Saturday ensuring that we all could relax - Our "goal" was to do no chores, sit back,  watch some movies, play some games and eat some special foods.

The kids greeted the morning with a kitchen decorated just for them - and celebrated with some delicious, almost - too - cute - too eat, donuts. Not only were these simply adorable - they were also wonderfully instantly gratifying, allowing me to ease into the morning with some good conversation, baby kisses and my favorite morning coffee.

Once I fully woke up - I made a nice brunch - with the focus being my trademarked (well not really) breakfast sandwich. I always find some really good bread - this time it was individual cheese bread loaves from the bakery. I fill them with eggs (duh), bacon, provolone cheese, light onions, and tomato. SO good.

Our plan was to just hang out  watch all three Karate Kid movies. I mean, Who doesn't love the Karate Kid? And, I'm not talking about the new one with Will Smith's kid - no, the originals ones, of course. We made it half way in - when my doorbell started ringing - Jakob and Abby's friends were outside playing. It was unseasonably "warm" - 50 degrees and they wanted to play. As Jakob stated in his argument: "Mom, we would love these movies if it was nasty cold outside. But, it's not, so can we just go outside?".

Out they went.

It worked out because just as the door closed behind them, my bff and her beau made a surprise stop at our house! It was perfect timing - big kids wicked excited to be outside, and adult company for Wilo and I.

It was a good day - we accomplished exactly what we set out to do - spend time together with the people we love and eat some great food along the way.

Hope your Valentines Day was just as sweet!