Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lock 'em up!

A mobile baby is a very exciting and often anticipated milestone in many families. It has been celebrated three previous times in our family. Jakob crawled at around 7months and walked at 10months. Abby and Reagan really mirrored each others developmental pace - crawling at 9mo, walking at 12months.

John has been crawling since the very beginning of his fifth month. He is a rapid, racing, ninja crawler these days.

He is also pulling up on anything he can - couches, chairs, people. He can cruise from one end to another - and is even beginning to stand alone for a few seconds.

All this is wonderful. I mean, really. He is very precocious with his physical milestones and I am excited to watch this trait develop as he grows.


He wants full reign to explore - ALL. THE. TIME.  Um...that just isn't practical at ALL. While I definitely understand that this is part of his genetic make up - this desire to go, go, go - it's just not possible. He has full reign of our downstairs (minus bathrooms, closets, and the laundry room) and hasn't discovered the stairs yet though I saw him eyeing them yesterday. However, there are definite times where, for his own safety, he needs to be in a secure, confined spot.

He doesn't care for this, or this - Most babies LOVE these things! These genius inventions have been letting moms have showers, cook dinner, take out the trash, vacuum the floor, make a phone call - you name it! You need 30 minutes? There you go.

Not John. He starts crying, if we are lucky, 10 minutes in. And it's not just a, "Pick Me UP!" cry. No...It's a full out: "Woman! What the hell are you doing to me? You know I don't like this! I can't get out of here! I thought we were cool! I thought you was my girl, yo!" kind of cry.

I pick him up, take him out, and off he goes.


I've said I'd never do it. I've laughed at people and these things.

But, I predict one of these babies are gonna be constructed at my house this week.