Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For!

So, Wil and I disagree - as most couples occasionally do. I've mentioned before how we are very much opposites, but seem to come together on the really big, important things. But, for the most part, we tend to differ on the little ones. I don't want to sound like it's one big argument, because it's not. I tend to laugh at our bickering over stupid stuff and enjoy our debates on politics and current events. Seldom do I ever really become upset at 'losing' an argument; It's part of it.


Boy oh Boy, did I get maaaaddd yesterday!

I mean like - all out pouting, just shy of stomping my feet mad yesterday.

Over what you ask?

A Stupid Video Gaming System.

Long story short - I wanted a Wii, he wanted a Playstation 3 Move.

(We were very blessed with some extra dinero - thank you IRS! - and after taking care of some things, we wanted something fun for the family.)

I took some time investigating the PS3 Move - per usual for me. I like to know all about electronics, no matter the nature - prior to purchasing one. SO. I check it out and come up with a mental list of pro's and cons, in contrast to the wii. I was ready to state my case and play with  my Wii!


I didn't have the chance.

He bought a PS3 Move while he was out yesterday.

He brought it home.

The kids rejoiced.

I pouted.

Like a baaaaaby! (My words, not his!!)

And Abby says to me this morning: So, Mom - Are we gonna play ps3 when we get home from school?

I say: Nope, I'm still mad.

She says: Well, Mom... I really think you need to get over that. I mean, You can't always get what you want.

Touche, Abby.

I thought about that all day - and looked at some different games.

And then stumbled upon something that makes this whole thing worth it.

Who has the last laugh now Wilo??

It's ordered, and ON. IT'S. WAY.

./evil laugh.