Saturday, February 26, 2011

8 Months

Baby John - you are 8 months old! You've learned how to clap, which I love. Just yesterday you managed to climb 5 stairs on your first attempt. STOP THAT.  You crawl SO fast, and follow me around when I'm making a dash for something without you in my arms. You still prefer to sleep next to me; you've never seen the inside of your actual crib. You nap and sleep in your pack and play until I go to bed, then as if a silent alarm goes off inside your head - you wake up and want to sleep next to me. I don't mind. You've said "Mama" a couple of times where it appears to be used directly to me - but that just may be my wishful thinking. It's great hearing it, though. You are enamored with your older siblings and they love you SO much - even when you coat them in drool. You're a hoot and we wouldn't have you any other way.