Saturday, February 26, 2011

9 Years!

My Abby Gabby turned 9 this past week!


Her birthday always hits me like a ton of bricks. She was our baby for 6 years before the first of her two younger siblings came along. She is my first daughter - my first little girl.

Time has flown by time travel style.

She is now one of the kindest, most accepting, responsible 9 year old little girls I know. She has a very soft heart and a very caring demeanor. She is my biggest ally in the house, as well as one of the smartest. We've joked - since she was very little -  about her finding us all to be intellectually disappointing and she was the savviest of us all. She just might be right. I am excited to be her mama and watch her future unfold.

I love you, My Sweet Abby!

8 Months

Baby John - you are 8 months old! You've learned how to clap, which I love. Just yesterday you managed to climb 5 stairs on your first attempt. STOP THAT.  You crawl SO fast, and follow me around when I'm making a dash for something without you in my arms. You still prefer to sleep next to me; you've never seen the inside of your actual crib. You nap and sleep in your pack and play until I go to bed, then as if a silent alarm goes off inside your head - you wake up and want to sleep next to me. I don't mind. You've said "Mama" a couple of times where it appears to be used directly to me - but that just may be my wishful thinking. It's great hearing it, though. You are enamored with your older siblings and they love you SO much - even when you coat them in drool. You're a hoot and we wouldn't have you any other way.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Take back what the winter took

The nice weather passed as quickly as it came, very sadly.

I long for the sunshine and warmer temperatures to make their return.

This is another personal favorite of mine - one that oozes Melissa.

It sums up what I'm trying to say.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lock 'em up!

A mobile baby is a very exciting and often anticipated milestone in many families. It has been celebrated three previous times in our family. Jakob crawled at around 7months and walked at 10months. Abby and Reagan really mirrored each others developmental pace - crawling at 9mo, walking at 12months.

John has been crawling since the very beginning of his fifth month. He is a rapid, racing, ninja crawler these days.

He is also pulling up on anything he can - couches, chairs, people. He can cruise from one end to another - and is even beginning to stand alone for a few seconds.

All this is wonderful. I mean, really. He is very precocious with his physical milestones and I am excited to watch this trait develop as he grows.


He wants full reign to explore - ALL. THE. TIME.  Um...that just isn't practical at ALL. While I definitely understand that this is part of his genetic make up - this desire to go, go, go - it's just not possible. He has full reign of our downstairs (minus bathrooms, closets, and the laundry room) and hasn't discovered the stairs yet though I saw him eyeing them yesterday. However, there are definite times where, for his own safety, he needs to be in a secure, confined spot.

He doesn't care for this, or this - Most babies LOVE these things! These genius inventions have been letting moms have showers, cook dinner, take out the trash, vacuum the floor, make a phone call - you name it! You need 30 minutes? There you go.

Not John. He starts crying, if we are lucky, 10 minutes in. And it's not just a, "Pick Me UP!" cry. No...It's a full out: "Woman! What the hell are you doing to me? You know I don't like this! I can't get out of here! I thought we were cool! I thought you was my girl, yo!" kind of cry.

I pick him up, take him out, and off he goes.


I've said I'd never do it. I've laughed at people and these things.

But, I predict one of these babies are gonna be constructed at my house this week. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

The sun will shine in my backdoor some day.

I get lost in Grateful Dead videos once I start looking.

I realllly wish I could've seen them all together, live.

/sad face

Here is another one for you. It's of the 'Songs that are personal to me' catalogue.

Belated Conclusion - Loooove Songs

I had every intention of posting this song as my looooove song for Valentines Day and obviously didn't. But, I love how I am posting it now....just because.

It's better that way.

This is probably my all time favorite love song. It was played acoustically in my wedding.

It is also one of my all time favorite covers to see live.

love, Love, LOVE It!

Love you, too! <3 

Go Outside!

It is a gorgeous day here - especially for mid February! There are some months where we would be buried under a foot of snow - but not today!!!

It's sunny, warm and delightful.

We're gonna go play outside for as long as it lasts.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dot Com

Raegan tells me this morning that she wants to have pink hair. I say - Well, you can't have pink hair right now, but when you are a grown up you can do whatever you would like with your hair. 

She says: "Nuh uh - you can just go to and get it for me for now! 
 There is a .com for everything.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

7.5 Months


I had been looking forward to a Family Day for the past several weeks.  Despite me being home full time, our family can become caught up in BUSY and before you know it, it has been a while since the whole lot of us are home together, with nothing planned.

We deemed this past Sunday as our family love day - inspired by Valentines Day the following day. I worked very hard on Saturday ensuring that we all could relax - Our "goal" was to do no chores, sit back,  watch some movies, play some games and eat some special foods.

The kids greeted the morning with a kitchen decorated just for them - and celebrated with some delicious, almost - too - cute - too eat, donuts. Not only were these simply adorable - they were also wonderfully instantly gratifying, allowing me to ease into the morning with some good conversation, baby kisses and my favorite morning coffee.

Once I fully woke up - I made a nice brunch - with the focus being my trademarked (well not really) breakfast sandwich. I always find some really good bread - this time it was individual cheese bread loaves from the bakery. I fill them with eggs (duh), bacon, provolone cheese, light onions, and tomato. SO good.

Our plan was to just hang out  watch all three Karate Kid movies. I mean, Who doesn't love the Karate Kid? And, I'm not talking about the new one with Will Smith's kid - no, the originals ones, of course. We made it half way in - when my doorbell started ringing - Jakob and Abby's friends were outside playing. It was unseasonably "warm" - 50 degrees and they wanted to play. As Jakob stated in his argument: "Mom, we would love these movies if it was nasty cold outside. But, it's not, so can we just go outside?".

Out they went.

It worked out because just as the door closed behind them, my bff and her beau made a surprise stop at our house! It was perfect timing - big kids wicked excited to be outside, and adult company for Wilo and I.

It was a good day - we accomplished exactly what we set out to do - spend time together with the people we love and eat some great food along the way.

Hope your Valentines Day was just as sweet!

Fortune Cookie Delight

I wore my Mom of the Year crown this past weekend when I let Baby John taste  one of these big, cute, chocolate covered fortune cookies. They were big enough for him to hold, the cookie was hard enough for him not to bite through, and he mostly licked the chocolate. I, of course, don't make chocolate a freakin' staple in his diet, but allowing him to be part of what we were all enjoying was awesome. He loved everything about the moment...until I took it away! How dare I ?

5000 Miles

I must admit, I am LOVING the SingStar game I picked out for the PS3 MOVE. It basically makes the fancy gaming system one, high tech, expensive, kareoke machine.


So much singing going on in my home at the moment, and I adore every second of it.

Here is a family favorite. We pwn this song.


Yes, you DID notice my glasses in the previous photos!

I've worn exclusively contacts for the past several years SO, at the moment, I am LOVING having glasses. They came in early and I was thrilled!

Come Here and Give Me Some Sugar!

Hello There! I feel like I fell off the face of the digital earth this weekend; To be honest - I  quite enjoyed myself.  I'll tell you allll about it later. For now, I am going through the 350 pictures I took on Sunday with my new camera.

 I HAD to share these, I think they might be my most favorite pictures - evah. I would normally detest publishing ANY pictures of me taken at 9am in the morning, but when you capture a gorgeous 7mo old baby, hell bent on giving you a ton of "kisses"; It becomes beautiful and you don't give one crapola about how you look. 

C'mere and give me some sugar, mama!

Perhaps I should use her lips and teeth for leverage! KISSES GALORE!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Nope, not my measurements, silly! I should hug you for thinking that though!

Tee Hee.

I had these guys in my head today. If I could find an I <3 Violent Femmes T-Shirt, I would totally wear it. They were one of the first bands I saw live as a teenager and will always be special!

When I sat down to write tonight - I wanted to find a love song from them! Kinda funny.

I found a perfect one. This song cracks me up - I've preformed it many times for my family. Good Times.

Lucky Them!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bumble Bee Tuna

I received a call from the Vice Principal late last week about...Abby. She had received 3 tallies from a substitute which resulted in a scolding from the VP and a call to moi.

GASP! It really IS shocking.

She's a good student - respectful, kind, focused, friendly, well mannered. The only negative complaints she receives are because she can occasionally be chatty. (She comes by it honest!). She does not receive calls home.

However, Apparently during indoor recess Abby decided to reenact this scene from a movie we watched that prior weekend.....that her mama let her watch.

Sigh. Only MY child.

The streets are safer, that's for sure.

= Blind As A Bat

Come Closer! I can barely see you!

SO wish I was joking.

Here is a random Meli tidbit for you: I'm as blind as a freaking bat.

For serious.

I knew that I was needing an updated prescription for glasses and contacts so I made an appointment at my optometrist for Feb. 22nd. I figured I could just beg and plead with my last remaining pair of contacts and we'd be fine until then.

I thought SO wrong.

I lost one contact on Monday - and the second one on Wednesday, ffs. They were old and apparently ordered a protest to where they jumped to their death straight out of my eyes.

I should be able to go to one of the last minute - I need glasses ASAP, so I'll pay out the wazoo - places BUT, I'm kinda cheap wisely frugal and don't want to pay for something that my insurance will cover later this month. While that makes sense on the pocketbook, it certainly doesn't allow me to see...NOW!

SO, I'm headed to the much utilized, corporate conglomerate that is Walmart for a contact perscription, and I should walk out of there with a few pairs of contacts and an order being shipped to me in a few days.

Until then, I'll just be thankful for my large computer monitor, and new bigger TV. I'll also continue to step over what I believe to be messes - because I can't really see to pick them up and put stuff away...right?

Hope to SEE you SOON!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Looovve Songs #2

This is another favorite love song - and just a favorite song in general.

It's not surprising that I love Bob Dylan.

I enjoy the simple, sexy, sweetness of this song.


Be Careful What You Wish For!

So, Wil and I disagree - as most couples occasionally do. I've mentioned before how we are very much opposites, but seem to come together on the really big, important things. But, for the most part, we tend to differ on the little ones. I don't want to sound like it's one big argument, because it's not. I tend to laugh at our bickering over stupid stuff and enjoy our debates on politics and current events. Seldom do I ever really become upset at 'losing' an argument; It's part of it.


Boy oh Boy, did I get maaaaddd yesterday!

I mean like - all out pouting, just shy of stomping my feet mad yesterday.

Over what you ask?

A Stupid Video Gaming System.

Long story short - I wanted a Wii, he wanted a Playstation 3 Move.

(We were very blessed with some extra dinero - thank you IRS! - and after taking care of some things, we wanted something fun for the family.)

I took some time investigating the PS3 Move - per usual for me. I like to know all about electronics, no matter the nature - prior to purchasing one. SO. I check it out and come up with a mental list of pro's and cons, in contrast to the wii. I was ready to state my case and play with  my Wii!


I didn't have the chance.

He bought a PS3 Move while he was out yesterday.

He brought it home.

The kids rejoiced.

I pouted.

Like a baaaaaby! (My words, not his!!)

And Abby says to me this morning: So, Mom - Are we gonna play ps3 when we get home from school?

I say: Nope, I'm still mad.

She says: Well, Mom... I really think you need to get over that. I mean, You can't always get what you want.

Touche, Abby.

I thought about that all day - and looked at some different games.

And then stumbled upon something that makes this whole thing worth it.

Who has the last laugh now Wilo??

It's ordered, and ON. IT'S. WAY.

./evil laugh.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On Reagan's 100th Birthday....

One of the things I never tire of teasing Wilo about is the fact that we named our youngest daughter, my mini-me after the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

Now, even though Wilo is a raging, far left, liberal - He can recognize and appreciate the monumental contributions President Raegan made to our society. But, he most certainly did not name his daughter after him.

But...I kinda did!


I loved the name Raegan - and dreamt of opening up the doors to the Florida Room we had and calling for a little blond girl named Raegan. It's Celtic and unique, and simply fit. Wilo totally agreed and settled on it very quickly too - with the two stipulations. One - we must keep the spelling authentically Irish. Two - I must never make jokes about naming her after the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

I can't help it you guys! I must make jokes! He really IS the GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER! I really do believe that with all of my heart.  I do not think my generation has seen any president that warrants any type of comparison. He was wise, intelligent, honorable, humble, charismatic, and genuine. The positive things he put in places lasted decades; What he accomplished while in office puts him at the same table with Roosevelt and Truman, great men of that stature.

Today would've been his 100th Birthday. So, here's to you Mr. President. Thank you for changing the world for the better for my own little Raegan.

Looooove Songs, Nothing but Loooooove Songs

In light of it being February and Valentines Day - I'm gonna post my favorite loves songs until then.

This is my number #1 favorite love song, ever.


I've mentioned listening to this album over and over and over as teenager. I first heard it while staying in a huge, spacious, beautifully clad Beach House in North Carolina. I'd lay on the gorgeous wrap around back porch at night and listen to this over and over through the headphones and dream of that sexy rock and roll guy to come storming after he couldn't go one more second without me.

I still feel that way about this song - it still gives me butterflies.

Withdrawn, No More!

I kid you not - every time I congratulate myself on writing consistently and daily;  I end up with a week off of writing.

FFS, Meli!

This week was tough and I'll spare you the details and just fast forward to the weekend and all. is. good!

I will ask you to pray for Baby John. He still has congestion. I don't like it, at all. The professionals all say that he will can have congestion/cough for up to a month. He runs no fever, eats and plays like normal but has a cough. I am thisclose to taking him back to the doc this week just to make sure it hasn't turned into anything - it has been 3 weeks! I don't wanna wait another week! I really wish for him to be better now.

I ordered a new camera! YAY! : ) I cannot wait to take some pictures and see how his looks have changed! They do constantly when they are babies. I, have pictures of almost every day of his life. I love to scroll through them. I will love updating them to 7 months!

This week was good for Abby - I was proud of her. She and her friend, also Abby want to help the homeless. She came home with a list of things they could do. They did it totally on their own over recess. How sweet is that, right? She wants to grow a garden. Also, Abby is the president of the club, and Abby is the Vice President. Their clubs name is: Abby's for Care!

Jake snuck and called a girl tonight. I am not really pleased so much! I do not wish to talk about my baby boy calling girls.

Raegan has had a good week, but that's a given. She's an eternal, enthusiastic, appreciative, exciting, refreshing little girl. It's always a good week for her!

Wilo had a GREAT week because he was able to reward himself with a fancy, new TV! I've mentioned before that TV is really not a necessity for me - I don't mind living without one, or with a so/so one b/c I can live without watching much. BUT, The time had come where Wilo wanted a new one - and we really neeeeded one. Ours was very outdated and not very pleasing on the eyes. Sooo, we rewarded ourselves with one! Wilo was like a kid! I loved it. He took Jake with him to get it and they both had a good time. Aaaannnd, I must say for the TV I do watch - I definitly appreciate the better,  swanky TV.

So that's our deal. I was a little withdrawn from everything this week - you know it happens to me, sometimes! - but all turned out well. But, I wonder what kind of posts I would have if I pushed myself to write during those 'withdrawn' periods....

Here is to catching back up on writing!