Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Meli

I have "The Cold" now too - but I'm battling back with the help of this - I swear by it. It solves almost any kind of sinus/head/snot/cough/bullshit thing out there. I'd love to find it in bulk but it's a controlled over the counter substance because of the psuedoephedrine. You have to show ID for it, AND Sign your name and address. BUT, it seriously is awesome.

One of the things I did treat myself to while I was working was this - and I love using it every. single. time.

When the kids were home on Friday due to the snow - Abby started watching all of these fancy cake shows, and soon Jakob, Raegan and I were sucked into it too. Jake asked me if I had ever had ever seen a $12,000 cake and I told him of a few very fancy parties of my past where I've seen cakes that were like works of art. "Did it taste like $12,000?", he asked.. I laughed and said. "No...It tasted like cake!". He said, "Well, They should've taken that $12000 and went on an Awesome Tropical vacation.".  I concurred.

I've added this place to our wish to visit list. I wanna be a Ghost Hunter for a day. I'm not kidding. I'm so geeked for the paranormal right now. I wanna take a weekend and take a tour of the Ohio State Penitentiary - it's haunted they say.

I'm digging The Bachelor. If you didn't know...I've watched every season. You can make fun or whatever, I don't care. I love the romance, and watching people fall in love! This one is all right even though I'm not crazy about the guy and wasn't the first time. Yep, that's right. He didn't chose either girl his season (the only one to ever do that), and he's back again searching for love. He's attractive and charming enough but not my type. I prefer the geekier, more aloof bachelors.  There are a couple of good girls and true connections that you can see forming - and there is your token nut job girl. Good times. Wilo's commentary is priceless. (I DVR them and watch them when he is home and on the computer just so I can hear it....tee hee.)

Since I can't post new pictures - I'll post some old random ones....like these two. Jake was almost 4, and Abby was 2/12.  My now Big Kids as wee ones!