Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Friiiiiiiiiday.

Today's Highlights Include....

....Two special ladies who made to day much easier - both in their own way - but both SO appreciated. One I've known for my entire life, the other I'm only starting to know - but both of them SAVED. THE. DAY. As a result, I was able to eat dinner with little pain and relax.

....Wilo was off today - a Friiiiiiiiday. That never happens, but is great when it does.

....I spent a good hour or so today playing this game with Raegan called: Kiss the Frog! It's where either her, I or baby John would be the frog, and require a kiss in order to return to our natural Princess forms. When it came time for baby John to turn into a Prince - Raegan said, "Oh my gosh! He's a Prince Charming! Can I dance with him?!" Loved it.

...Abby is such a capable, caring helper. She is going to make such a great mommy one day - far, far away. She was very helpful with her younger siblings and very attentive to my needs today. I was very proud of her.

...Jake was also a riot with our favorite Christmas present ever, and provided a great comic relief.

That thing is SO entertaining.

I hope your Friday night was as peacefully simple as mine. Have a good weekend! Be Safe, it is snowy and icy in my neck of the woods.