Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I wish music cured everything!

I'm struggling with writing tonight - not due to lack of motivation or desire but more so because I am spent. Baby John is STILL sick - 48 hours of cold like symptoms and a fever. If he is still running one mid-day tomorrow, I'm taking him to the Pediatricians. They say that so long as he is not becoming worse, and so long as he is eating and drinking normally, to give it 3 days. After three days - see the doc. Tomorrow night at 6:30 will be 3 days.  My gut says we will be going - I predict ear infection... (Already teething plus a nasty cold? It would make sense.) We will see.

So needless to say - I am exhausted in every way. Mentally - a sick baby is a problem that you have to deal with continously knowing that no matter what, you can't control it - you just have to do it. Physically - Although my heart soars with love knowing that the only person or thing that makes my baby happy is me -  it's rough carrying and wrestling around a 6mo old baby every second of the day! I'm not exaggerating! My arms hurt. It's also emotionally draining  -  I love that little boy sooo much, and he's sooo pitiful that seeing him ill makes my heart leap out of my chest and hastily crack in two, over and over and over again.

In addition to that poor, sad fellow - Wilo is also sick. My Thirty Something Husband is sick with a fever and cold symptoms, too. Need I say more?

Sniff. Sniff. 

I just want it to be over!

Just like I want winter to be over, too.

Which leads me to...

A song that I love with every inch of my being - it oozes Melissa. It's a beautiful song and definitely a personal favorite of mine. It brightened my day today when it came to mind, hope it brightens yours too and that you are having a better week! Pray for us - I'll return the favor.