Monday, January 3, 2011

First Song of 2011

I was unable to sleep after New Years Eve - for various reasons, and none of them nearly related to celebrating too hard. I found myself sitting down at my desk at 4:30 am, thinking "I neeeeeeeed some music to ease my restlessness".

I remembered that an old, good friend had posted a song earlier in the day. I started to listen to it then but quickly realized that per usual, I didn't have 7 minutes to stay still, so I 'saved' it as later. Yup, saved it like I would the last piece of chocolate - tucked away for when I could realllllly use a bit of sweetness.

....Like nearly dawn on New Years Day.

The first music to my ears in 2011. I had not seen this before, and I loved it. Not surprising - but still wicked sweet. It totally hit the spot.... ; ) Jerry has a solo at about 5minutes in and I found myself losing my unrest in watching him play. There is something special when you can close your eyes and be enveloped in sound.

Want some sweetness too?