Sunday, January 16, 2011


Jakob came home with a cold at the end of the first week back to school. Not surprisingly - it's taken 3 of the bunch down for the count.

Sadly - Baby John is one of them.

He has his first fever.

Poor Guy!

I can always tell that my babies have fevers long before the thermometer confirms it. My feverish kids always want extra loves and  I can tell by the look in their eyes and the warmth of their hands and feet. If their eyes are glossy and their hands are unusually warm - I immediately investigate. In this case - it wasn't a startling discovery. I mean, There are 2 of us who are sick - so it's almost expected.

I am not a fan of medicating infants if at all possible - I think we often over medicate our children, but this is one of those instances where you don't mess around. Fevers and Babies creep me out a little - so I had Wilo make a mad dash for the store to pick up some Infant Fever Reducer and it seems to be doing the trick. His fever was mild to begin with but certainly will be watched to make sure it doesn't creep up too much.

You cannot medicinally treat infant cold symptoms anymore so you have to take it upon yourself to make sure they are 'treated' well. There are some general things you can try to relieve their discomfort - but in this particular Baby John case, all he wants is his mommy. He just wants to cuddle when he is cranky and then sleep in my arms - no where else. (Seriously, I was trying to do some stuff around here today, and after the 5th failed attempt of trying to lay him down, I gave up. The messes can wait.)

Here is hoping it passes soon but until then, he can rest in my arms as much as he would like.