Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fans of "The Phish"

We had the whole family home yesterday due to the winter weather - and when I returned from a visit with a friend, I found Wilo and Abby camped out in front of the computer...

Wilo had stumbled upon links from the biggest concert and biggest memory from hippie days - NYE 1999.

Phish was playing a HUGE concert - 100,000 people or so - in the middle of the Everglades on an Indian Reservation. We were incredibly lucky and had the opportunity to volunteer to work it - and we jumped on it. We 'won' a free trip down there, meals, accommodations - the whole nine. It was simply amazing. AND, we were paid for it!

I've never felt so free.

It was a playground for love, peace, happiness and a ton of hippies. There were miles and miles of tents, music playing around the clock, a boardwalk that mirrored Downtown New Orleans, an ever constant drum circle in the middle of a beautiful grove of trees, Ferris Wheels, Fireworks, Shops... it was such an event. 

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have that opportunity as the years of marriage, parenting and responsibility soon followed.

Here's a clip that references the size of the concert, traffic jam, and of them playing "Heavy Things".

As we said to Abby - Can you see me?!?!?!