Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Cold"

"The Cold" I spoke of last week is actually an evil, spiteful plague that is ransacking each one of us! Make it stop, please!

I had thought Baby John was in the clear - but his cough became progressively worse through out the day on Friday. By late night, I was alarmed. His cough had taken on a different tone and he struggled with a couple of coughing fits. I was confident all week that his symptoms were very uncomfortable and unfortunate but not indicative of something more. But...hearing my little guy cough like worried me so I took him to Urgent Care the next day.

Turns out - It's just a nasty virus. Thankfully, his lungs and ears were clear of infection. The bad cough is just that. She said it could hang around for another week or so - but that we should see an improvement in 3-4days. No other advice other than, Keep doing what you are doing!

As we were talking with her - she was telling us that he was free of any suspicion of RSV. RSV is another potentially harmful virus to infants  and hospitalizes many by the respiratory illnesses it causes. I immediately sighed of relief as all day I was recalling our own experience with RSV.

Jakob suffered from an RSV related illness. He was very sick at 5months with a cold that rapidly progressed. His cough was terrible and his breathing suddenly became very labored and audibly effected. I was very scared - Wil and I immediately rushed our firstborn to Children's Hospital Emergency Department. It was confirmed there - Bronchiolitis. He received several breathing treatments but was sent home with an inhaler we were to give him until he was better. We were SO LUCKY. Incredibly lucky he did not have to be hospitalized - so many babies are. I did not truly understand it at the time to the fullest degree (I was 19) but we were on the verge of a very serious, deadly situation with our beloved Jakob. Only by the Grace of God did our baby recover quickly and in the comforts of our own home. Though, as a result of the bronchilitis - he developed asthmatic symptoms that would flare up with every cold until he was about 5 or so. It is a very, very malicious virus.

I am so very thankful that Baby John does not have it.

I am not sooo pleased that Raegan and I have the other disastrous plague now....but it could be very worse.
Thank You Jesus!

Here is hoping this is out of our home soon. I don't wanna be Queen of all these Sickies, anymore!