Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Atrocious Pain = Explicit Language

Warning: I am about to break the "Pretty Girls Don't Use Ugly Words" rule.

My mouth hurts like a son. of. a. bitch.

I do not know if I can make it until Monday. I would say that I have an above average tolerance for pain and this is far exceeding my limitations. It is atrocious.

Poor Me.

Poor Wilo. He was awoken to a frantic, panicked, sobbing Melissa this morning....

Wilo: Are you ok?

My mouth hurts really badly...(insert trembling lip)...and I don't wanna die from it! 

Wilo: Whaaat?

sob, sob, I don't wanna die, sob sob sob

Wilo:  Don't you think you're being a bit over dramatic?

sob, sob, sob, It could kill me, Wil! It killed Jerry, you know it did! 

Wilo: Come here... I do not think you are going to die.

I've been sitting here alllll morning reading story after tragic story about people dying from tooth infections.

Wilo: Damn it, Melissa - Get off the fucking Internet, and Quit Googling that shit, yo!

giggle within a sob...You know I can't help myself. 

I lovehate you, internet.