Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ahhhhna and Shawna

Did you have an imaginary friend?

I did.

Her name was Sally and I can still see the image I created of her perfectly. She was short, and had a head full of blond ringlet curls. She always wore a red and black pleated skirt, with a white shirt and red V-neck sweater.  I don't remember all the things we used to do together but I definitely remember having her as my...friend.

Raegan is my first child to have an imaginary friend who has actually been a constant the past few months. Her older brother and sister both had fleeting imaginary companions but never one who actually hung around.

In Raegan's case - she actually has TWO and they both have been around since late summer. 

Anna (pronounced Ahhnaa) and Shawna.

I have no idea where she gathered these names from - there is no one in our immediate circle who have these names. I did have a co-worker that I thought very highly of - Sieanna (pronounced Shawna). Raegan was just a wee one when Sieanna and I worked together and although I enjoyed her very much, it's not like I talk about her on enough of a basis to where it would be familiar. The last Anna I encountered was mean and I definitely haven't talked about her. These names simply came about on their own.

Anna and Shawna keep Raegan company as she plays her in her make believe land of princesses, dragons, fashion and school. Shawna seems to be the better behaved one - as I hear often that Anna is on the naughty step or that she was being mean to Shawna. Shawna is also the better dressed one apparently - as Raegan likes to show me "Shawna's Fashion Creations" where as Anna is known for encouraging Raegan to make "concoctions" out of things like coffee, cereal milk and orange juice. Anna is also the one who 'makes this mess!' and Shawna is the 'good helper' who helps clean up.

I  asked Raegan what Shawna looked like one day. She looked at me very annoyed and said: "Um. Like...Shawna!". Duh, me. Who else would she look like?! I didn't have the nerve to ask about Ahhna. Geesh.

I find Shawna, and even Ahhhna, completely adorable, and rights of childhood. While I don't engage them or overly encourage them, I definitely don't DIScourage them, either. There is no need to be concerned; She is only 3. The experts say that imaginary friends are indicative of creative children and that they will eventually grow out of them by their fifth birthday or so.

Until then, both these girls are more than welcome to hang around for as long as they like; I love them!