Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Months!

My sweet Baby John is 7months old today!

He is 26 inches long, and the top percentiles on both! He's still a Chunky Monkey.  He fills out 12 month clothes well - and will probably need to move up to 18months in the late spring. I already have bags of baby boy stuff that he's out grown!

He can crawl with perfect form, Sit up like a pro and he has begun cruising along our couches - walking will be soon! AHHHHH!  As I have said before, I am very grateful for him being so active, physical and mobile but I really wasn't ready for SUCH a mobile baby so early!

John has started babbling more - and I love the tone to his voice. He rambles da, da, da, da and occasionally ma, ma, ma, ma , ma though he doesn't use them as actual words. Soon though, I bet. 

He is also eating Solid foods twice a day - and dying to take bites of our plates. Shhh... I might have given him a little taste of pudding and he might've thought I was the best person evah.

He is incredibly curious, driven and fearless. He is determined and always focused on whatever is next. He is also very patient, laid back, loving, jolly, and silly. His laughter draws everyone to him and his eyes have a sparkle that makes strangers comment.

He is very attached to me - and outwardly prefers me over anyone else. My other kids always had equal preferences of Mom and Dad,  but John....he just wants his mommy. And... I'm ok with that.

I SO wish I had a camera to capture his first day of being 7months old - my camera phone doesn't do it justice. I should be remedying the lack of photos here in the next couple weeks! It's driving me bonkers.

I say it each time - but seriously, time has passed so quickly. I can't believe he's so big already! I can't believe I ever worried about loving this one - it comes so naturally and is incredibly fulfilling. God SO knew what he was doing by blessing me with this baby. I am so grateful.