Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let's Go - It's Not THAT Far....

I am very fortunate to have been able to visit New York City a few times in my life.

I am about as small town and organic as they come - but, there is something about the hustle of that city that makes me want to pretend to be a full fledged city gal, dressed in designer, stepping out to dine in some of the worlds best restaurants, see amazing Broadway shows and take in the city that never sleeps.

I couldn't live there but I certainly could visit there again.

This song was on our morning playlist today; It and NYC have been on my brain alll. day. long.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I still find Steven Tyler sexy.

That is all. 


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Meli

I have "The Cold" now too - but I'm battling back with the help of this - I swear by it. It solves almost any kind of sinus/head/snot/cough/bullshit thing out there. I'd love to find it in bulk but it's a controlled over the counter substance because of the psuedoephedrine. You have to show ID for it, AND Sign your name and address. BUT, it seriously is awesome.

One of the things I did treat myself to while I was working was this - and I love using it every. single. time.

When the kids were home on Friday due to the snow - Abby started watching all of these fancy cake shows, and soon Jakob, Raegan and I were sucked into it too. Jake asked me if I had ever had ever seen a $12,000 cake and I told him of a few very fancy parties of my past where I've seen cakes that were like works of art. "Did it taste like $12,000?", he asked.. I laughed and said. "No...It tasted like cake!". He said, "Well, They should've taken that $12000 and went on an Awesome Tropical vacation.".  I concurred.

I've added this place to our wish to visit list. I wanna be a Ghost Hunter for a day. I'm not kidding. I'm so geeked for the paranormal right now. I wanna take a weekend and take a tour of the Ohio State Penitentiary - it's haunted they say.

I'm digging The Bachelor. If you didn't know...I've watched every season. You can make fun or whatever, I don't care. I love the romance, and watching people fall in love! This one is all right even though I'm not crazy about the guy and wasn't the first time. Yep, that's right. He didn't chose either girl his season (the only one to ever do that), and he's back again searching for love. He's attractive and charming enough but not my type. I prefer the geekier, more aloof bachelors.  There are a couple of good girls and true connections that you can see forming - and there is your token nut job girl. Good times. Wilo's commentary is priceless. (I DVR them and watch them when he is home and on the computer just so I can hear it....tee hee.)

Since I can't post new pictures - I'll post some old random these two. Jake was almost 4, and Abby was 2/12.  My now Big Kids as wee ones!

Monday, January 24, 2011

7 Months!

My sweet Baby John is 7months old today!

He is 26 inches long, and the top percentiles on both! He's still a Chunky Monkey.  He fills out 12 month clothes well - and will probably need to move up to 18months in the late spring. I already have bags of baby boy stuff that he's out grown!

He can crawl with perfect form, Sit up like a pro and he has begun cruising along our couches - walking will be soon! AHHHHH!  As I have said before, I am very grateful for him being so active, physical and mobile but I really wasn't ready for SUCH a mobile baby so early!

John has started babbling more - and I love the tone to his voice. He rambles da, da, da, da and occasionally ma, ma, ma, ma , ma though he doesn't use them as actual words. Soon though, I bet. 

He is also eating Solid foods twice a day - and dying to take bites of our plates. Shhh... I might have given him a little taste of pudding and he might've thought I was the best person evah.

He is incredibly curious, driven and fearless. He is determined and always focused on whatever is next. He is also very patient, laid back, loving, jolly, and silly. His laughter draws everyone to him and his eyes have a sparkle that makes strangers comment.

He is very attached to me - and outwardly prefers me over anyone else. My other kids always had equal preferences of Mom and Dad,  but John....he just wants his mommy. And... I'm ok with that.

I SO wish I had a camera to capture his first day of being 7months old - my camera phone doesn't do it justice. I should be remedying the lack of photos here in the next couple weeks! It's driving me bonkers.

I say it each time - but seriously, time has passed so quickly. I can't believe he's so big already! I can't believe I ever worried about loving this one - it comes so naturally and is incredibly fulfilling. God SO knew what he was doing by blessing me with this baby. I am so grateful.

Last Episode?!

This is one of the last pictures I took before I broke my camera - I love it though! I overheard the funniest conversation between her and Wil yesterday...

Abby: Dad, is this the last episode?

Wil: What do you mean the last episode?

Abby: You know, the last episode of the season....Or do they have a finale?

Wil: Abby...This is Football, they are called games. And no, not the last one yet. And...The finale is the Superbowl.

Abby: Sooooo THAT's the last episode?

Wil: Games, Abby, Games.....

Not Enough Room

This verse popped up again today and I was delighted; It makes me smile and want to jump for joy every time I read it....

John 21:25......."Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written". 


Sunday, January 23, 2011

"The Cold"

"The Cold" I spoke of last week is actually an evil, spiteful plague that is ransacking each one of us! Make it stop, please!

I had thought Baby John was in the clear - but his cough became progressively worse through out the day on Friday. By late night, I was alarmed. His cough had taken on a different tone and he struggled with a couple of coughing fits. I was confident all week that his symptoms were very uncomfortable and unfortunate but not indicative of something more. But...hearing my little guy cough like worried me so I took him to Urgent Care the next day.

Turns out - It's just a nasty virus. Thankfully, his lungs and ears were clear of infection. The bad cough is just that. She said it could hang around for another week or so - but that we should see an improvement in 3-4days. No other advice other than, Keep doing what you are doing!

As we were talking with her - she was telling us that he was free of any suspicion of RSV. RSV is another potentially harmful virus to infants  and hospitalizes many by the respiratory illnesses it causes. I immediately sighed of relief as all day I was recalling our own experience with RSV.

Jakob suffered from an RSV related illness. He was very sick at 5months with a cold that rapidly progressed. His cough was terrible and his breathing suddenly became very labored and audibly effected. I was very scared - Wil and I immediately rushed our firstborn to Children's Hospital Emergency Department. It was confirmed there - Bronchiolitis. He received several breathing treatments but was sent home with an inhaler we were to give him until he was better. We were SO LUCKY. Incredibly lucky he did not have to be hospitalized - so many babies are. I did not truly understand it at the time to the fullest degree (I was 19) but we were on the verge of a very serious, deadly situation with our beloved Jakob. Only by the Grace of God did our baby recover quickly and in the comforts of our own home. Though, as a result of the bronchilitis - he developed asthmatic symptoms that would flare up with every cold until he was about 5 or so. It is a very, very malicious virus.

I am so very thankful that Baby John does not have it.

I am not sooo pleased that Raegan and I have the other disastrous plague now....but it could be very worse.
Thank You Jesus!

Here is hoping this is out of our home soon. I don't wanna be Queen of all these Sickies, anymore!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In My Life...

God Bless My Husband. His patience with me is astounding; I have been difficult to live to with these days for various reasons. It happens to the best of us whether we admit it or not.

He was getting ready for work and I was resting on the couch with Baby John and Raegan was asleep on the other. It was a familiar, comfortable and much appreciated silence. Out of nowhere, I hear Johnny Cash's deep, raspy voice fill the air with this song...

Thoughtful Music is just as appreciated as diamonds in my world.

Thank you for the gift, Wilo..


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prince Charming is baaaack!

 YAY! Prince Charming is back to his normal, charismatic, delightful self!

(Raegan calls John - "My Prince Charming" - repeatedly during the day - how great is that?)

He awoke to zero fever, and has been feeling better and better by each minute. I am SO thankful!

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I wish music cured everything!

I'm struggling with writing tonight - not due to lack of motivation or desire but more so because I am spent. Baby John is STILL sick - 48 hours of cold like symptoms and a fever. If he is still running one mid-day tomorrow, I'm taking him to the Pediatricians. They say that so long as he is not becoming worse, and so long as he is eating and drinking normally, to give it 3 days. After three days - see the doc. Tomorrow night at 6:30 will be 3 days.  My gut says we will be going - I predict ear infection... (Already teething plus a nasty cold? It would make sense.) We will see.

So needless to say - I am exhausted in every way. Mentally - a sick baby is a problem that you have to deal with continously knowing that no matter what, you can't control it - you just have to do it. Physically - Although my heart soars with love knowing that the only person or thing that makes my baby happy is me -  it's rough carrying and wrestling around a 6mo old baby every second of the day! I'm not exaggerating! My arms hurt. It's also emotionally draining  -  I love that little boy sooo much, and he's sooo pitiful that seeing him ill makes my heart leap out of my chest and hastily crack in two, over and over and over again.

In addition to that poor, sad fellow - Wilo is also sick. My Thirty Something Husband is sick with a fever and cold symptoms, too. Need I say more?

Sniff. Sniff. 

I just want it to be over!

Just like I want winter to be over, too.

Which leads me to...

A song that I love with every inch of my being - it oozes Melissa. It's a beautiful song and definitely a personal favorite of mine. It brightened my day today when it came to mind, hope it brightens yours too and that you are having a better week! Pray for us - I'll return the favor.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Bad Day Music

For the record - I've never drank a 40oz of anything (Call me snobby!) and I don't drink daily BUT this is one of the songs I listen to when I am having a terrible day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Jakob came home with a cold at the end of the first week back to school. Not surprisingly - it's taken 3 of the bunch down for the count.

Sadly - Baby John is one of them.

He has his first fever.

Poor Guy!

I can always tell that my babies have fevers long before the thermometer confirms it. My feverish kids always want extra loves and  I can tell by the look in their eyes and the warmth of their hands and feet. If their eyes are glossy and their hands are unusually warm - I immediately investigate. In this case - it wasn't a startling discovery. I mean, There are 2 of us who are sick - so it's almost expected.

I am not a fan of medicating infants if at all possible - I think we often over medicate our children, but this is one of those instances where you don't mess around. Fevers and Babies creep me out a little - so I had Wilo make a mad dash for the store to pick up some Infant Fever Reducer and it seems to be doing the trick. His fever was mild to begin with but certainly will be watched to make sure it doesn't creep up too much.

You cannot medicinally treat infant cold symptoms anymore so you have to take it upon yourself to make sure they are 'treated' well. There are some general things you can try to relieve their discomfort - but in this particular Baby John case, all he wants is his mommy. He just wants to cuddle when he is cranky and then sleep in my arms - no where else. (Seriously, I was trying to do some stuff around here today, and after the 5th failed attempt of trying to lay him down, I gave up. The messes can wait.)

Here is hoping it passes soon but until then, he can rest in my arms as much as he would like.

Take Me Down....

Level 84

This is quite possibly the nerdiest post I've ever written - but...

This is what I've been doing these past few nights.

I've started playing WoW again! Much due to the reconnecting with my best gal pal and two of my favorite fellows. I have missed them.  One more level to go - and then the game really begins.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fans of "The Phish"

We had the whole family home yesterday due to the winter weather - and when I returned from a visit with a friend, I found Wilo and Abby camped out in front of the computer...

Wilo had stumbled upon links from the biggest concert and biggest memory from hippie days - NYE 1999.

Phish was playing a HUGE concert - 100,000 people or so - in the middle of the Everglades on an Indian Reservation. We were incredibly lucky and had the opportunity to volunteer to work it - and we jumped on it. We 'won' a free trip down there, meals, accommodations - the whole nine. It was simply amazing. AND, we were paid for it!

I've never felt so free.

It was a playground for love, peace, happiness and a ton of hippies. There were miles and miles of tents, music playing around the clock, a boardwalk that mirrored Downtown New Orleans, an ever constant drum circle in the middle of a beautiful grove of trees, Ferris Wheels, Fireworks, Shops... it was such an event. 

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have that opportunity as the years of marriage, parenting and responsibility soon followed.

Here's a clip that references the size of the concert, traffic jam, and of them playing "Heavy Things".

As we said to Abby - Can you see me?!?!?!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Opting Out - My perspective, My reality

I weighed in on mamapundit's blog earlier this week discussing "Opting Out" and it's effects on a woman's financial security. She and another well written blogger, Katy Reid wrote about how their time as stay at moms offered future issues and even regret as unseen issues forced them unexpectedly back into the work force.

Articles like these always provide motivation for introspection - helloooo....I am a former Career Gal who chose - voluntarily - to become a Stay at Home Mom. I didn't lose my job - I quit. I didn't just quit - I quit in the middle of one of the most economically unstable periods of our life time. I quit with no intention of returning to the life of hotels, make up, suits, meetings, deadlines, sales calls, and endless driving. I instead chose the position of full time Mommy - all the household accommodations, and parenting responsibilities fell now on my shoulders. I didn't receive a raise with such position, that's for sure.

Pretty much everyone raises their eyebrows in response  - I usually smile and do the same. I know it's um...crazy. People can say that it's selfish, irresponsible, and a huge mistake. People can also compliment it as being brave, traditional, and necessary. Me? I think it is simply what is best for me and my family, at these moments.

Am I sacrificing a few years of work history on my resume? Yes, obviously. Will that effect my marketability in the future? I don't think so. I think I speak for myself. I am confident in who I am, and what abilities I possess. I have 10 years of work history in the Hospitality Field - with 6 of them being with the same company in escalating positions of various faucets. I haven't lost my talents just because I am home. That woman is still there - she's just put on hold a bit as I do what is right for my heart and my family.

Are we suffering a major loss financially? Yes, of course. You couldn't logically say otherwise. The numbers do not lie.  Nor do they ever really work out when you think of all of the future cost on paper - I'm talking in addition to the growing necessities, school sports, cheerleading, activities, proms, driving (OMG. I literally have to stop writing in that direction, I just aged my kids wayyyy too much!! Lord. )

Am I totally relying 100% on Wilo to provide for us? Yes, most definitely. Is he doing it? Absolutely. He makes big sacrifices and works very hard for us. Are our needs met? Yup. We certainly don't live a life of luxury but we are cared for. We live simply - but it suits us...we were hippies, you know..... Is it fair to him to have to do it on his own? I don't know - After contributing financially for so many years, it's very different to NOT, especially when I CAN. So...I'll get back to you on that one. All I can say is that I am so forever grateful for him doing this for me and our children.

Many are quick to point out how insecure the tenures of marriages are, and how divorce is unarguably common. I know for a fact that my marriage could end tomorrow - many marriages will. We don't have any guarantee.

All I can say is we could not do this with out the Holy, Supernatural Hand of God, and His Son Jesus. You may roll your eyes when you read that but it's the truth. As I've said before - I'm not a Church Gal, but I'm a Jesus Gal. I trust him to see us through and keep us married. I pray for it daily. Wilo and I have had a very deep, rapid, intense bond since we met and our connection is very strong and I trust God to secure that.

Am I gonna regret all of this one day?

Possibly. I mean, I could end eating my words up and regretting it. I've learned to never say never. But, I don't think so. I wasn't a full time mommy while I was working, and when my top two were born. I was young, ambitious, successful and very work focused. I didn't catch many milestones -I never witnessed Jake or Abby's first steps. I didn't hear Abby say Mama for the first time, or countless other events. When they were infants and toddlers I spent dinner time, bath time and bedtime with them. That was it. Then Raegan came along 7 years later and I really felt jipped out of the motherhood deal in spite of that. I started to resent working.

Babies are majestic. Childhood is magical. Aging is definite. To be able to witness that without outside distraction is a privilege, and one I don't take lightly. Not everyone can do it. I am incredibly thankful to have this time, and happy to make the sacrifice. I know what it's like to miss it with every fiber of your being- and I am very grateful that we were blessed with two younger children to heal my heart, and for making the bond between my older two children so different, special and unique.

Our time while I was working drew us very close together - despite the hours being few. No doubt. It's actually a really fun dynamic when you all have your 'jobs' - and of course, it's fun to treat yourself to extra pleasures as a family. It's nice to have "things". I'm not at all certain I will do this forever, and find that I sometimes miss my career life very deeply.

Overall, you do what you have to do and as my dad would say: If you can look at yourself in the mirror every day and if you have things right with the Big Guy, then keep on doing what you are doing. As my heavenly father would say - , accept my forgiveness and do not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough trouble of it's own.

Whether you are a hard working super mom or a stay at home goddess, make the most of the time you have with your children no matter their age. Stand strong in your decisions and do the best you can to savor the moments together. Remember, they love you regardless and grow much too quickly.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another Good One Gone

I killed my camera today.


I was thisclose to making this one last a full year.

You see, I apparently have a vendetta against digital cameras and eventually love them so much I have to break them.

It started flashing a 'lense error' message, and in an attempt to evaluate the error - I broke the shit out of it.


I have to wait a month until tax time, God Willing.

I - am sometimes why we cannot have nice things.

Ahhhhna and Shawna

Did you have an imaginary friend?

I did.

Her name was Sally and I can still see the image I created of her perfectly. She was short, and had a head full of blond ringlet curls. She always wore a red and black pleated skirt, with a white shirt and red V-neck sweater.  I don't remember all the things we used to do together but I definitely remember having her as my...friend.

Raegan is my first child to have an imaginary friend who has actually been a constant the past few months. Her older brother and sister both had fleeting imaginary companions but never one who actually hung around.

In Raegan's case - she actually has TWO and they both have been around since late summer. 

Anna (pronounced Ahhnaa) and Shawna.

I have no idea where she gathered these names from - there is no one in our immediate circle who have these names. I did have a co-worker that I thought very highly of - Sieanna (pronounced Shawna). Raegan was just a wee one when Sieanna and I worked together and although I enjoyed her very much, it's not like I talk about her on enough of a basis to where it would be familiar. The last Anna I encountered was mean and I definitely haven't talked about her. These names simply came about on their own.

Anna and Shawna keep Raegan company as she plays her in her make believe land of princesses, dragons, fashion and school. Shawna seems to be the better behaved one - as I hear often that Anna is on the naughty step or that she was being mean to Shawna. Shawna is also the better dressed one apparently - as Raegan likes to show me "Shawna's Fashion Creations" where as Anna is known for encouraging Raegan to make "concoctions" out of things like coffee, cereal milk and orange juice. Anna is also the one who 'makes this mess!' and Shawna is the 'good helper' who helps clean up.

I  asked Raegan what Shawna looked like one day. She looked at me very annoyed and said: "Um. Like...Shawna!". Duh, me. Who else would she look like?! I didn't have the nerve to ask about Ahhna. Geesh.

I find Shawna, and even Ahhhna, completely adorable, and rights of childhood. While I don't engage them or overly encourage them, I definitely don't DIScourage them, either. There is no need to be concerned; She is only 3. The experts say that imaginary friends are indicative of creative children and that they will eventually grow out of them by their fifth birthday or so.

Until then, both these girls are more than welcome to hang around for as long as they like; I love them!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sleeping Buddies

Jake and Raegan fell asleep together while watching a movie tonight.
It's so comforting to cuddle. 

It's Friiiiiiiiiday.

Today's Highlights Include....

....Two special ladies who made to day much easier - both in their own way - but both SO appreciated. One I've known for my entire life, the other I'm only starting to know - but both of them SAVED. THE. DAY. As a result, I was able to eat dinner with little pain and relax.

....Wilo was off today - a Friiiiiiiiday. That never happens, but is great when it does.

....I spent a good hour or so today playing this game with Raegan called: Kiss the Frog! It's where either her, I or baby John would be the frog, and require a kiss in order to return to our natural Princess forms. When it came time for baby John to turn into a Prince - Raegan said, "Oh my gosh! He's a Prince Charming! Can I dance with him?!" Loved it.

...Abby is such a capable, caring helper. She is going to make such a great mommy one day - far, far away. She was very helpful with her younger siblings and very attentive to my needs today. I was very proud of her.

...Jake was also a riot with our favorite Christmas present ever, and provided a great comic relief.

That thing is SO entertaining.

I hope your Friday night was as peacefully simple as mine. Have a good weekend! Be Safe, it is snowy and icy in my neck of the woods.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Your Hands

A dear friend - who I miss terribly - shared this song with me last year, and it was one of the best musical gifts I recieved. It brought me such comfort during so many different times.  It came to me this week as the pain in my mouth reached unberable ammounts, but it's meaning is so much bigger than that.

We all have unanswered prayers and trouble that we wish wasn't there. Ultimately, through the muddy waters filled with confusion and doubt, and even pain - we never, ever, ever, ever leave God's Hands...  What a wonderful promise!

"I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out of my hand."  John 10:28 

I have unanswered prayers
I have trouble I wish wasn't there
And I have asked a thousand ways
That You would take my pain away
That You would take my pain away

I am trying to understand
How to walk this weary land
Make straight the paths that crookedly lie
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

Teething Troubles, or Not!

Baby John is apparently a better teether than I am, for sure! His second tooth appeared recently and as you can tell by this picture, we are both SO glad.

In my parenting experience, cutting teeth is the worst of infancy. It's really the first time babies are brought out of their absolute comfort - up until now, life has been pretty grand. Then, all of a sudden - somewhere between 4 and 7 months, BAM! Hello teeth, Hello Discomfort. The biting (ha!) side effects of teething can range from the mild: A TON of drool, and chewing on everything possible; To the more uncomfortable: tenderness, food avoidance, swelling, fussing, and sleep deprivation.

It's hard to watch your little one be uncomfortable, especially since your entire goal is to make him as comfy as possible. I've found the most simple things make the most impact when it comes to alleviating teething troubles.

Frozen washcloths are a super quick, super cheap way to numb some of that gum pain away. I typically let mine sit for a few minutes so they are not freeeezing cold, but cold enough to work. You should make sure you are in a warm spot, and that you have an extra outfit handy - because between the melting ice and the drool - you'll need one. I also testify to the genius of these old fashioned teethers - they really do work. I also like to take a clean finger and massage the sore spots, and let him chomp on my hands. If they are really hurting, you can also administer some infant pain reliever, though I try to avoid that as much as possible. We were able to manage without any.

John was actually quite mellow - which seems to be the theme of his demeanor. He did drool enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool (unlike his sisters, slobber does not gross me out). He also chewed on everything imaginable (him chewing on my flip flop DID gross me out). He was very finicky with his sleep - but that was easily remedied by snuggling down next to me (we co-sleep a lot, but he also sleeps next to us in his sleeper) and feeding him on demand (about 3 oz every 2 hours or so). I really can't complain too loudly....


 The other thing about teething is that it takes FOREVER.

He does have 18 other teeth to cut, you know.

It really IS a rule....kinda.

To Clarify:

The "Pretty Girls Don't Use Ugly Words" rule only applies to those girls under the age of 18, and those specifically living in my home.

Raegan likes to say 'Damn it!' or 'Oh shit!' on occasion and welllllllll....that's just not fine for a three year old.

Nor is it ok for her pretty mama, either...I suppose.... 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Atrocious Pain = Explicit Language

Warning: I am about to break the "Pretty Girls Don't Use Ugly Words" rule.

My mouth hurts like a son. of. a. bitch.

I do not know if I can make it until Monday. I would say that I have an above average tolerance for pain and this is far exceeding my limitations. It is atrocious.

Poor Me.

Poor Wilo. He was awoken to a frantic, panicked, sobbing Melissa this morning....

Wilo: Are you ok?

My mouth hurts really badly...(insert trembling lip)...and I don't wanna die from it! 

Wilo: Whaaat?

sob, sob, I don't wanna die, sob sob sob

Wilo:  Don't you think you're being a bit over dramatic?

sob, sob, sob, It could kill me, Wil! It killed Jerry, you know it did! 

Wilo: Come here... I do not think you are going to die.

I've been sitting here alllll morning reading story after tragic story about people dying from tooth infections.

Wilo: Damn it, Melissa - Get off the fucking Internet, and Quit Googling that shit, yo!

giggle within a sob...You know I can't help myself. 

I lovehate you, internet.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Yes, I love your ballet, Raegan!

"Do you like my ballet, Mama?!?!"

First Song of 2011

I was unable to sleep after New Years Eve - for various reasons, and none of them nearly related to celebrating too hard. I found myself sitting down at my desk at 4:30 am, thinking "I neeeeeeeed some music to ease my restlessness".

I remembered that an old, good friend had posted a song earlier in the day. I started to listen to it then but quickly realized that per usual, I didn't have 7 minutes to stay still, so I 'saved' it as later. Yup, saved it like I would the last piece of chocolate - tucked away for when I could realllllly use a bit of sweetness.

....Like nearly dawn on New Years Day.

The first music to my ears in 2011. I had not seen this before, and I loved it. Not surprising - but still wicked sweet. It totally hit the spot.... ; ) Jerry has a solo at about 5minutes in and I found myself losing my unrest in watching him play. There is something special when you can close your eyes and be enveloped in sound.

Want some sweetness too?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011

Wishing all of you a year full of
Love, Peace, Hope, Prosperity and Honor in 2011!

From the comfort of my cozy couch,
snuggled between my sleepy, oldest two children -


p.s. Congrats Abby on making it to your first Midnight - EVER!  : ) You were so excited, sleepy but excited. And, nice try with the 'pretend sleep' picture there Jakob, you couldn't keep a straight sleeping face to save your life!