Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whew! What a Week!

Wow, it feels like thousands of minutes since I last sat to write. We have been SO busy. Like nonstop go, go, go. If we weren't somewhere, we have been occupied doing something. I hope all of you had a wonderful, merry, bright and jolly Christmas! I had inspirations of writing in the days leading up to the big day but those moments passed as quickly as the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas - with a supersonic quickness.

I feel like I can finally slow down a bit.

We were very, very fortunate to have a delightful, heartwarming Christmas. (I can't wait to write about it - which I am planning on doing next, I think). Our Holiday spans the 24th, 25th and the 26th - and four different neighborhoods soo it's more of an Christmas Adventure!

Other than the whirlwind of beloved family members, special friends, wrapping paper, hot chocolate and peppermint bark - and the constant opening, sorting, organizing of new things, I've been nursing a very painful, aching tooth since the night of the 23rd. I am looking at next week for an appointment unless I go the "Emergency Dental" route - and let me tell you, I am trying to tough it out but there are times where I am thisclose to calling the squad! Worst. Pain. Ever. I would rather give birth to ten pound twins natural - without even the hint of painkiller. Seriously. It hurts at times - mostly at night. I've been wielding epic amounts of Motrin, Ora-jel, and even ice on my cheek when it is really bad. I could write a blog about the home remedies out there!

Sniff, Sniff.  Pitiful, I know. But, I am a MOM - soooo I gotta keep going. The only way through it is...through it.

At least baby John can feel my pain - literally - as he is undoubtly teething. OH! Guess what?! One is through! We have a tooth! I have a picture that kinda shows it. The other one is getting close and it's really been bothering him. He's been a sopping wet drool machine, with a mild cold symptom's who chews on everything. His has become fickle with his sleep and has a hard time staying comfortable. Here is hoping it passes soon!

 That's our achy deal. 

I really do hope you enjoyed your Holiday! I am not going to wish you a Happy New Year yet, as I still have 2 more days of 2010 left to post! I had better be crack-a-lackin!