Monday, December 6, 2010

Music to My Babies' Ears - Day 24

Make a playlist to someone, and explain why you chose all the songs
I decided to make this a playlist to each of my children.  We listen to music every day in our house - so picking songs for them seemed to be kinda hard. In an effort to not over think it - I  went with the first song that came to mind. If you know my babies, you will know I did well.

Jake: I gave you 1980, because you love that song, and you love to sing it to me, and we love to sing it together. I, of course, couldn't pick a 'hippie' song for you, because we all know you hate hippies! HA!  We DO go back like 1980 (except for I wasn't born yet, and you weren't either) but you, kid, are the first born. All of my adult memories include you - and you have been there every step of my journey and the journey of our family. There will come a day where you will think of another girl when you hear songs like these - but for now, when you are ten, I want to treasure the fact that I am the one and only woman of your dreams.  I do love you because you so crazy!

Abby: You are loooooving Taylor Swift these days - and you have for quite some time. Truth be told, I love turning her songs up loud and singing them with you, even if Daddy and Jake don't care for it. I chose this song - because, my darling, you ARE a princess, and you deserve nothing less than a fairytale. One day - when you are older (at least 30, tee hee), and you start looking for a fellow - I wish for you to find a real life Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet and lead you up the staircase. Not kidding! You can totally have that! And, like in the song - if he doesn't realize how amazing you are - then, as hard as it may be, you move on. Anyone who doesn't see the beauty that is Abbigail - doesn't deserve your time.

Raegan: Ah, My little Rae Rae of Sunshine. You really do hear a different drummer, and I find it intoxicating and so fitting for you. You already exhibit so many qualities of a free spirit, and I adore that about you. I promise to always support and embrace that about you - despite what anyone may say. You love music - and since you are still home with me - we listen to it a lot together. I chose Scarlet Begonias (one of my faves!) simply because, "You are not like other girls".

John: My sweet love bug - I thoroughly enjoy holding you as music flows across the house and through your ears. You are the first baby who I can actually "feel" respond to the music. Some songs relax your entire body, some excite you, some capture your entire focus. At 5mo, you are definitely the baby who has been the most obviously effected by music, and I look forward to the years to come to see if it is one of your passions like I predict. I chose one of my all time, most personal favorites for you: Shady Grove. You heard it while you were in my belly - and I sing it to you now. We lock eyes, and you intently look into them. One day, you will realize that I am a horrible singer, but for now, You are my best audience.