Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finally, Day 30.

 A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

Dear Self:

First and foremost, I love the fact that it took you ohhhh....67 days to complete this "30 Days of  Truth" deal. That's hotness, there mama. But, I love that you did actually finish it  - even when you wanted to quit at times. (Way to keep the 'Finish What You Start Rule!)

I love how the first thought that came to mind when answering this question was - Everything? No way could I list EVERYTHING! (ha!) I love how amidst several things you'd like to change - you can find things that you really like about yourself but struggle pin pointing things you really love.

I love how you really are genuine. I love how you are truly accepting of all people and of all views regardless if they are different than yours. I love how you can state your point, yet truly listen to the other side.  I love how you don't mind admitting you were wrong - usually by laughing at your mistake.

I love how you can take a joke at your own expense, can find humor in the foul,  but can't stand to hear an offensive Jesus joke.

I love your empathy and your intuition. I love how you know that when you can't shake that feeling - you are always right. I love how the biggest mistakes in your life have been made when you ignore 'that' feeling.

I love how you put the needs of your husband and children above your own, even when it hurts.

I love your moments of total silliness, and your kids do too.

I love your taste in music, and your appreciation for individuality.

I love how you admire and indulge in really shwanky, fancy hotels but feel most at home in the woods.

I love how well you can keep a secret, even when you are literally aching to talk about it. I love how you consider confidentiality and privacy a virtue above much else. I love how well you listen to others.

I love how when asked point blank for the truth - you cannot lie.

I love how you look to the Bible for guidance, and how you are really trying to sit still and hear God's direction. He does have a plan for you, you know.

I love how on days you reallllllllly  miss working, you just play with your babies more, and that usually makes you remember how incredibly lucky you are to have this time with them.

I love all your faults too because they make you real - they make you who you are. I love how you only surround yourself with people who appreciate that about you, too.

I love how you've done a pretty good job maintaining this blog since it's conception, and I love how you wish to continue. I love how you'll probably look really closely at the questions before doing this type of writing deal, again.