Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 26 - Yellow Ribbons

Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, when and why?

No, I haven't. 

We all have moments where life seems too overwhelming. We have all had those times where the mountain looks too high to climb or when we inwardly scream: What did I do?!

 But, ultimately, life is a gift and we should appreciate it no matter the current circumstance.

I guess my outlook is a result of my faith in Jesus and an experience with suicide that I had many years ago.

When I was in High School - a friend and a member of our Theatre Troupe committed suicide as a teenager. I remember hearing the news and feeling just so shocked and saddened. Not only saddened because it was one of the first and only experiences with the death of a friend - but feeling so heavily burdened by the fact that this fellow felt like there was nothing worth living for, how desolate and alone he must have felt. I know for a fact that any one of us - and many of you reading - would have done absolutely anything for him had we known there was such duress. I think back to those days and how many people appreciated his personality, his talent and his laugh - and how many people attended his funeral - and can't help but wonder - if he knew all of that, would it have changed his outcome?

I was able to witness the pain and tragedy that is a self inflicted death - and it truly changed me. It left an imprint, forever. I will never hear of another suicide or see another Yellow Ribbon without remembering him, and that time of my life.

No matter how bad it seems - nothing is impossible with Jesus.

No matter how alone you feel - someone, right now, loves you very much.

I feel the need to say that if you ever feel like you have reached your limit and cannot deal with this life any further - Please, please, please, talk to someone. 

RIP Seth Brown - you left this world much too soon.