Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 23 - Antique Road Show Star

Something you wish you had done in your life.

I wish I had bought that antique chest - circa 1825  (the date was stamped on it, with the original sale papers) instead of a couch wayyyyy back in the day.

For serious!

I mentioned that fancy apartment we had when we first moved in together - it was really shwanky. We were the first people ever to live in it; they all were band spankin' new. It was my first apartment, ever - and Wil's first apartment with a girl - bye, bye bachelor pad. Anyways - we needed stuff. I mean, we had NOTHING - aside from baby furniture and a bed - when we first moved in. 

I could do without a lot of things - but I most definitely could not do with out a couch. We couldn't afford anything from a furniture store, didn't have any type of credit (a blessing in disguise), so I decided we should thrift it up.

We had $50 we could spend - and I was determined to find one. (Thrifting is AWESOME, and my love for it is a different post). We went to this little part of my home town where there are 3 thrift stores side by side - the first one we visited was the Salvation Army. They had 4 or 5 couches - and half of them were disgusting and I would rather sit on the floor  - but there was one that was $50, clean, in good shape, a neutral color and would definitely work. Easy peasy, right?

Then, my eyes wandered over to this big wooden chest. I mean, it spoke to me - laugh if you want, but as soon as I saw it, I stopped what I was doing and went over to it. It was about 4ft long, about 3ft deep. It was simple, but well crafted. You could just tell. I opened it up, and it was lined in valour with the make and date stamped in a corner - June 1825 - AND, I kid you freakin' not - it had the original sale papers with it. It looked something like this:

I had stumbled upon something special....and guess how much it was?

Yup, $50.

I was in shopper agony - I wanted that chest soooo, soooo, soooo bad. I knew it was special, and an once in a life time find.

But, I NEEDED a couch. I mean, I had a baby coming in 2 months aaaannnnddd, what good is a fancy apartment that is empty?

Wil and I looked and talked about that chest for a good 45 minutes or so - until we saw another couple coming in to look at the couch I was interested in buying. I knew I had to make up my mind - and the baby kicking inside my belly and my aching back determined that I needed to buy a necessity not a luxury. We went with the couch.

There have been many times over the years where I have thought about that chest - and how walking away from it still makes me queasy.  Not because it was my ticket to appearing on Antiques Roadshow, or that it could've been worth thousands of dollars (or nothing at all) but because it was so rare, and so unique. I knew that we were walking away from a once in a lifetime find - in lieu of a more comfortable (nice one, Me!) life for our budding family.

But, screw responsibility - I really wish I was selfish, and bought that damn chest.