Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was done a little differently this year - it turned out well - AND taught me a lesson.

Santa didn't deliver all the goods first thing in the morning. Word has it - that Santa was missing one 'big present' that was unable to be found on Christmas Eve (even though his Meli Elf has completed shopping on the night before for years and never had trouble!) and needed to find an alternative quickly as the prezzie wasn't going to be available until the 26th.

Thankfully, He (God, not Santa!) reminded me of the message I had been preaching all week - Christmas is NOT about presents, it's about Jesus AND it's about spending time with your family. Let me tell you - that kinda stepped on my toes a little because I was secretly disappointed and pissy about not having a "complete" Christmas with "even" presents. I was heavily, heavily convicted as I sat on my front porch spilling my sad secret to my best friend - and remembered my lectured words about the real meaning of Christmas. I felt very guilty and bashful for focusing so heavily on a material good (I am so not that girl at all!), asked forgiveness (from God, not Santa, duh!) and then was hit with the most creative idea.

It went over so well.

Although the kids were not greeted with thier normal Christmas Lootz - they were greeted with some, and this HUGE letter was taped to the tree. YES! A BIG ASS LETTER FROM SANTA. It said, "No Sad Faces! I have a special suprise for you!" The kids then followed clues to a top secret letter from Santa burried 15 (not exaggerating) folders deep on my computer, all titled to fit the 'story'.  (Apparently Santa needed to bring me printer ink because um, I could've just printed it!). They were so excited and so intrigued - even the oldest ones, who had deemed Santa as completley make believe.

This is what the letter from Santa said - and exactly how we spent our Christmas. Now, picture this adorable Christmas font, and cleverly placed Christmas Art sorrounding the words to get the full effect - I loved putting it together for Santa, and the kids have read it several times since:

Dear Hunziker Children:

It’s your ol’ friend Santa here, and I wanted to leave you a letter. Now, since I know you all so well, you are probably like, Um Santa - I don’t want no stinking letter, Where our our presents?

Don’t deny it - I know that’s what you were thinking.

Well - they are coming, but I wanted to tell you of a very special gift you are receiving today.

You see - you guys are some of the luckiest children in all of the world - and trust me, I see a lot of kids today! Why, you ask? Well - you children get to have a two day Christmas Adventure! YES! AN ADVENTURE. See, you will have FOUR Christmases, with allele the members of your family. 
Let me tell you a little about your day.

First - I want you all to have a nice bath. I want you to scrub your toes, tooshies, ears and faces. HA! Yes, Santa said TOOSHIE! As you bathe, I would like for you to take time and thank the big guy (NOT ME!) - God, for healthy bodies, warm water, and deliciously smelling soap to become clean. I want you to brush your teeth till they shine - and I want Abby and Raegan to do their hair very pretty. Jake - you don’t have to wear, a bow don’t worry.

As you finish that -  You will take a nice ride to your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s house. They are SO excited to see you - they love you very much . They look forward to having your whole family on Christmas Morning - Yep, That’s Right the WHOLE FAMILY. Your Mamaw, Papaw, Aunt Andrea, Uncle John, Uncle Tim and Whitney will be there. So will your Aunt Denise, Uncle Dale, your hililarious cousin Chris, and your very sweet cousin Mary. Your Uncle Matt will be there with his wife and his two daughters - your cousins! Your Great Grandmother has worked very hard preparing a breakfast of Kings! There will be as many world famous (trust me, they talk about them in Japan - ask your mom how they sound! ) homemade Egg Muffins, along with many other brunch goodies. I have spoke with your Great Grandma and Great Grandpa and they acted as my elves! They have some special surprises under their tree for you!

After you enjoy your time with them - you’ll head over to your Mamaw and Papaw’s. Now, you KNOW that that papaw of yours is a big, giant, kid and he is dyyying for you to come over. You see - I talked to him too - and your mamaw - and they are elves too! They - too - have some lovely things wrapped up for you under their beautiful tree. But, that’s not all! You know they like to E-A-T  - and so do you - So they have prepared a meal fit for Santa himself. Once you are nice and fattened up - and full of holiday cheer, you’ll return to your home.
You’ll relax for the rest of the evening - playing with your new toys, hanging with your family and watching Christmas Movies. Keep an eye out - there might be a surprise waiting for you.

When you wake up in the morning - you’ll be starting day two of the Holiday Hoopla. You’ll head out to your Granny’s and enjoy an all day fiesta  with lots of yummy comida, and reglaos. Granny has been an elf for years and I left some goodies at her house for you, too.

Once you return home from your all day event - you just might find that I have stopped by again. You might find some prezzies under the tree. This is the time where I want you to enjoy your own family - your mom, dad, and each other. 

You might think I’m being a little naughty in making you wait - but I do this for a reason. I want you to go through today and tomorrow and realize how lucky you are to have so much family and so many people who love you very much. I want you to understand that all of these delightful presents will eventually go away - but your family will love you forever, no matter what. You are very lucky children. They are the true gifts.

I also want you to know that the reason I am here - the reason you are here - the reason we celebrate today is because thousands of years ago - God sent his one and only son to earth for us. He sent Jesus. He sent him as a little baby, in a manger - he sent him for you and me. He sent him to show us how to love and to live. Without him, we would not have today - you wouldn’t have anything at all. He loves us so very much -and today is his birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

Have a wonderful day  - all of you. I’ll be watching, and I’ll see you again tomorrow night. Christmas Adventure 2010 - has now begun!


And...we did exactly that. 

We ARE very blessed.