Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Baby Brother John - by Abby

Abby had to write her first "story". It was a personal narrative and she earned an A. I loved it, and it made me tear up a little. She loves that little boy so, so, so much. 

My baby brother is very sweet. If you smile at him he will smile back at you. My mom smiles at him too and he smiles at her a lot. 

My mom and I play with John. I play with a monkey toy. My mom tickles him. Sometimes I like to read to him, and sometimes he does not like it. Sometimes I can put him in his bouncy chair. If you turn it on, it will vibrate. Raegan loves him too and tries to hold him. She also helps feed him. Maybe, some days, my mom let's me push him in his stroller. I love to feed him and once he puked on me. he is going to eat rice food now. My mom and I like to put him on the floor and play with him there.

I feel happy because he is so sweet and loving. It is fun because I get to do all the stuff my mom does except I have to ask first. I love my baby brother, very much.