Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mr. Ambitious

5 months!


It was a big month for John, aka Mr. Ambitious.

(That's a nick name from mama - I started calling him that when he was only 3 days old. He was trying with all his might to better control his head, and to strengthen his back. It has fit so perfectly)

He is such a strong, physical baby. I call him a Beast! During his fourth month: he accomplished rolling over both front to back, and back to front. He can push himself up on his arms and now also his knees. (yes...ALL FOURS. I will have a crawler next month, I bet!). He scooches, and army crawls. He is still trying mastering sitting up, but that will come with time.

He is determined and curious. He is doing very well at bringing his hands together to grasp toys. If he can hold it, it will go into his mouth. He loves to be sitting up - or looking out, to observe step by step everything going on around him. And trust me, some days - there is A LOT going on.

He is also very laid back, very content and easy going. He nonchalantly captures the attention of everyone in the house. He smiles a TON! And giggles some. He's not as vocal as my girls were - but I think that comes with being a joke!

We started some baby foods because he was starting to drink 11ounce bottles every 3 hours - a sure sign, from my mommy book, that he was ready to try something with more substance. Advice differs between professionals - but most say to begin solids between 4 and 6 months. So, we went for it.  He took to the spoon like a flippin champ - and is loving bananas, applesauce and pears. I introduced them one week at a time (bananas allll week, applesauce the next...etc) and none seemed to hurt his belly. I will stay away from corn, green beans, and squash as there is a family history of a food allergy - and I'm not tempting the foodie fate.

We hold him, love him, kiss him, hug him, tickle him, and simply adore him. He's brought such a central source of joy and brightness to our family. I cannot express how lucky I feel to have a baby to love on again - it's one of the most natural, satisfying feelings. 

We love you handsome chunk of a baby boy!