Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just Call Me....Cloth Diaper MacGyver!

What did you do last night?

Wanna know what I did?

You do? Great. Cause, I'm dyyying to tell you...

I nearly duct taped a make shift cloth diaper on my baby.

ahahaha. Did you just bust out laughing? 'Cause I just did.

I so wish I was joking! Don't worry, I DIDN'T!!

Baby John and I shared a hearty laugh as soon as I said it. I would NEVER actually duct tape anything to a baby, for eff's sake. BUT, I was caught in a dilema!! A DIAPER CRISIS!

I noticed that we were low on diapers when Wilo left for work - and I told him to bring some home. He's home late on Friday's but I was certain we had enough to last. Aaand, We did - until about 10pm, when disaster struck.

I never, ever, ever run out of diapers. EVER, in FOUR kids. (Yes, I know - Earthy me, using disposables, but whateves, it's my style. I love cloth diapers, but just can't commit to that much extra laundry, and I can't afford a diaper service. True stories.) Anyways, I can alwayyyyys find an "emergency" diaper, if need be.

Not last night!

I couldn't find a single one. Not one in the diaper bag. Not one on a baby doll. Not one hiding in a toy box, not one hiding in a junk drawer. Not one - anywhere!  And it's like 10:30 by this point. Baby John, who's been enjoying hanging out au natual this whole time, is smiling and laughing at me. I mean big, fat, slobbery, juicy smiles and full out belly laughter as I'm talking him through this fiasco. What to do?! I can't really go get them  because, at the most obvious - Baby John is nekkid! Because I was certain, CERTAIN there was one around here!

Light bulb goes off! I'm a bright woman! I'll just make a cloth one! I can do it! I was a girl scout till 8th grade, yo! 

I think to myself...I'll just go grab a cloth diaper - I've always had them with my babies, bought soley for other purposes, they are wicked handy.


I also realized during this time that I have been committing a crime by not having an actual cloth diaper either. That is so sad, SO SO SO SAD.  I apparently forgot their importance this time around, like a total mommy nooblet. Out of necessity, I then decide that a that a receiving blanket could work...

I quickly figured out the shape of how it should fit, and I'm feeling really positive and proud of myself for figuring this out. Then, I'm like ok, just gotta fasten this up...

With what?

Saftey pins? I don't ever have those around allll the time, I have those sometimes! And right now, we don't have any!

Duct Tape?

YUP! That's where my brain went next. It fixes everything right?!

 I know!  How funny is that?

As soon as I said it to John, I laughed sooo hard, and so did he.

I quickly abandoned that idea, of course. I opted to use some really small, clear, hair rubberbands to secure it together instead. It would do.

It was such a novice move - not knowing 100% for sure that I had enough diapers, not having cloth diapers around - but it was such a silly, lovely encounter with my baby J. He's such a happy, pleasant boy.  He snuggled down promptly with a bottle, his blanket, and me by his side. We cuddled for the rest of the night.... his make shift, MacGyver-ed cloth diaper.