Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 20ish - Don't Do Drugs. I'm not kidding.

Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Don't do drugs. Drugs are bad

That is all.

I am being a bit facetious, with my Southpark reference - but joking aside, it's the damn truth. Drugs ARE bad, and NO, you shouldn't do them! BUT, I thought I would elaborate. It's kinda personal - I don't really have conversations about it - but whatevs! That is what this about.

Marijuana: Pot, as it's referred to in my vernacular. I do not, whatsoever, believe Pot should be classified in the same category as cocaine, meth and Heroin. I believe that too many jail cells are full of otherwise good people - and that something that is 'legal' for medicinal purposes in some states, should be accepted in ALL states. One of the biggest  wastes of you hard earned tax dollars - are the feds shutting down dispensaries in states where it is recognized as a medication. Makes NO sense to me, at all.

Prescription Meds: Everyone should have a Valium.  HA! Just making a joke, yo. I know first hand - there are some people who require prescription to feel better - to focus, to calm, to treat. There is no shame in any type of Mental Illness - go get it treated! I do believe that ADD/ADHD is real - Some kids genuinely need it - and some adults do too. But.... often over diagnosed, or missed diagnosed.

While there is a real need for using prescription medication - there is also a real epidemic of them being used as a recreational drug. These pills are highly addictive - and highly deadly. It's happening in our own backyard, homies.  One of the ugliest prescription drugs is Oxycotton, Oxycodone. It gives a very heroin-esq response. It kills people, often. I have mentioned following the story of Henry Grangu - son of a well respected writer in the blogsphere - beautiful, peaceful, loving 18yr old boy overdosing due to a wicked addiction to these. You can watch Henry's Story Here.

Heroin/Cocaine/Crystal Meth/Crack: All these drugs fall into the same category in my mind. All of them - much like prescription pills - are incredibly addictive. They ruin lives. As a young mother and wife - I watched a good friend of the family succumb to a full blown heroin addiction. The best way to describe it is like watching a huge, visible, dark cloud slowly, and completely envelope a person until it reigns supreme. There is no life or passion in their eyes and you can see it steal their soul. Know that sounds dramatic, but it's the truth. He was one of the rare ones, who beat it. He is not the norm.

As we say in our house......Just don't do that.