Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 18 - My Views on Gay Marriage

Your views on gay marriage.

I've been thinking about how to address this - over and over and over again - since I read the 30 day questions.

There is much that I could say, but I think I'm gonna just keep this short and sweet...to the best of my short and sweet ability (which is pretty damn horrible, and you know that's damn true if you know me! I typically have a lot to say).

Here goes:

Who am I to tell someone who they can, and cannot love forever?

I, personally, know two gay men who have been in love and committed to each other for as long as my parents have been married. They are a better example of how a marriage should be (commitment, communication, compromise, trust,) than many of the hetero-sexual marriages I know.

I've also known two gay women who have been together for over 15 years, who literally saved the lives of two children trapped in a very, very bad environment with their natural, married, hetero-sexual birth parents.

I would NEVER, in a million years, tell either of these couples that their lives, their loves, and their commitment to each other was not as valid as mine. I would never tell them that they could not stand in front of their family, friends and God - and make a public commitment to one another.

I am certainly not qualified to make that judgment, and neither are you.