Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coffee Date

I've had a few days lapse in writing - due to me cleaning like a mad woman for a couple days, then collapsing in exhaustion at night. Seriously, people, I've been going to bed at like 10 - which is so not my typical deal. I've been also rearranging bedrooms, cleaning out closets and shampooing carpets... which is also not my typical deal.


Here are some adorablly cute photos of Baby John. He is dyyyyyiiiingggg to sit up on his own. He wants it sooo badly. That's still a few weeks away on the milestones, but until then he's enjoying sitting up in the corner of the couches as we have our coffee together in the morning.

Rae Rae is also part of our coffee date - though she prefers to spend the first twenty minutes or so under a blanket, intermittently yelling LEAVE ME ALONE - until she wakes up enough and out pops this enthusiastic, energetic, chipper, caring, loving conversationalist. I have noooooo idea where she would get her morning grumpiness from.

Wanna join us next time? I have good coffee...and plenty of blankets....