Monday, October 4, 2010

Typical Meli!

Of course I would slack on blogging after writing about how awesomely consistent I've been, right? Typical!

Even though, the normal slacking wasn't what was in the way this time - My Internet, TV, and Phone were all out for a day or so. That was lame - and a testament as to my hesitation with having all three tied together in one tower - we have AT&T U-verse. We switched a few months back and this was my number one issue. But, to AT&T's credit, all things considered they handled it very promptly and efficiently. My only complaint was that the Cable Guy was a cutie, and I was and had been mothering four children all day. Tee. Hee.

I also was hit with the Organize Everything bug. Things can get quickly out of control in my house, and it was long over due for attention. I dumped every single toy box, shoe bin and bookshelf out in my living room on a whim and sorted and tossed - it was SO great. It took much longer than expected - I started at 2, and finished at Eleven. Mind you - from the hours of 3 to 9, I was not working - I kinda forgot about the having all the kids home part..... ; ) But, with organizing - one thing leads to another and now I feel like everything needs redone. It's really hard because its on top of every day cleaning on top of everyday parenting and it's just taking forrreeevvvverrr and I feel like I'll never  be done. /Woe is me!

I also spent an evening with my best friend and her fellow. I think this falls into the category of which I should not blog - but all I can say is...WOW!! And, OMG!! And, Go Team Prince Charming.

I have NOT been playing Warcraft - and am in fact, still completely bored with it. I reactivated my account, logged on, then logged off. No deal. I am actually pissy I spent money on it. Here is hoping the next expansion will capture my interest or that I find a different hobby.

So, yeah. Lots of stuff occupying my time, this past week!