Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was doing SO great with my goal of writing every day for 30 days, for the first time in ages.

THEN.... I had a bad day (ty author of that crappy song, whoever you are, every time I type those words that tune goes thru my head), and ended up exhausted.

THEN...yesterday we had a tornado touch down miles from our home - no joke! Thankfully we - and our community are safe. But...we were without power for several hours.

TODAY... I spent catching up on the disastah that was my home and recovering from this yucky cold I've been dealing with.

NOW...I am helping the kids with homework - and making stirfry for dinner.

TONIGHT... I will be watching this with my family. I love mamapundit - she is one of my favorite bloggers, by a mile.  I am particularly attached to the story of her son and his addiction that eventually lead to his much too early death. He reminds me of so many of the kids Wilo and I knew way back in our "hippie" days. Kids who had such the future ahead of them, but were so entangled in the drug scene despite wanting to be healthy.  I am watching with my own children  - they are never to old to see what can happen, and how choices we make affect those around us. I invite you to watch as well.

AFTER... the kids go to bed...I will catch up on my blogging...hopefully, right?