Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Day ELEVEN

Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

My superior organizational skills - how, at any given moment, you could ask me for anything and I could tell you exactly where it was at, and point you in the direction of the label.



Whew. I nearly hurt myself laughing at that one.


I have two compliments that I always receive:  (shh, don't hate on my narcissism, I was asked!)

"Wow, Melissa your children are BEAUTIFUL!" (self explanatory, look at my pics!)


"Wow, Melissa you have an incredible voice".

Noooooo, I'm not joking with this one, I promise. We aren't talking about my singing voice! We are talking about my SPEAKING VOICE. 

Let me elaborate - I've heard this since I was in second grade - a teacher told me, after using a microphone for something, that I really needed to look into radio, because my voice was incredible. Not kidding.

Then, I was given a note from a boy in Middle School that said, "I could listen to your voice every day. You should always volunteer to read". 

In High School, I was very active in Theatre (yeah, don't be surprised, I admitted I was geeklicious) and had my fair share of leading roles (in non musicals, of course) where I was complimented on the tone, flow and sound of my voice. I also had a very good Friend around that time who said, "Damn, Melissa, even when you are sick, your voice is SEXY! Can you call me every time you have a cold, I love the raspy!?"

Fast forward to me being a working adult - as a Sales Manager, I did so much work on the phone. My voice is what made people return calls, agree to meet me, and eventually buy what I was selling.

Then, in my delicious hobby of WoW - I am complimented on my voice every. single. time. I hop on vent. Actually, compliment is way too classy of a word. More like Virtually Sexually Harassed. At first, I loved all the attention from the nerdy boys - but now, a few years later, find it wicked annoying. I'm like, Whatevs, lets just kill shit ok!? I joke about wanting to sound fat and ugly so that they will leave me alone - cause the fact that I'm married with a bus load of children doesn't.

My all time favorite response goes like this....

Annoying WoW BoyOhhhh, damnnnn girl, your voice is HAWTTTTT!

Me: Oh really?

Annoying WoW Boy: Hellz Yeah, Girl, I'm talking HAWTTT, there ain't no other hawt as you in this game, yo!

MeYeah, Thanks. I've heard this before - people are all the time telling me I sound like a girl.

 Good times, yo!