Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hemp Hat

I've been going through some of the boxes of misc crap keepsake boxes in my closet looking for The List. I haven't found it yet - but I did come across the hemp hat Wilo used to wear wayyyy back in the day. He was wearing it the day we met, and wore it for a couple years after that. 

I loved it back then - it obviously screams HIPPIE BOY, right? 
Even if it isn't the most...stylish. Tee. Hee. Raegan (of course it was Raegan) thought it screamed HIPPIE LITTLE GIRL and she wanted to Rock it - and some silly faces - too.

He kinda grew out of the hat a little - I mean, it doesn't have its full effect when you are wearing a flannel driving a minivan with your wifey and kiddies in tow, you know?

He'll bust it out from time to time, usually after he's had a few beers and a song or story pops up that makes him remember those days. 

Who knew - wayyyyy back then - that his little girl - his third of four children, would be loving it today, nearly eleven years later.