Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Follow Up: A Tiny Ton of Things

Sisters: Thank you very much to the friends who took the time to tell me about you and your sister(s)! I enjoyed hearing about each one. It seems that sisters are much like any other relationship - all of them are very different, and very unique. Each one has their own positives and negatives, and no two are alike. I was comforted knowing that many sisters did not get along at all growing up, but as adults now share common bonds. I was also tickled to hear of a friend who has 5 sisters (yes 6 girls in a home growing up!) - and the perspective she shared. I did not know that about her - so for me, her response in particular, was delightful, witty and very funny. But, she basically echoed the same deal - each sister, each family, each relationship were very unique and tailored to that specific sister.

Working Out:  Um......Yeahhhhh......about that..... Can't I just go hiking?! It TOTALLY counts. On a somewhat related note - I realized that these awesome pair of jeans I was trying desperately to squeeze myself into were actually size 10's and not size 14's - so I did feel better about not being able to pull them past my hips. Oh, and I bought Diet Pop. (Way to go, me! )

Dream Job:  In the middle of my emails about Sisters, I came across a note that I had, sadly, overlooked. It was a note from an 'internet' friend - a lovely lady who I 'met' online shortly after Raegan was born. We share a mutual 'real life' friend - but have never met. She and I have shared many a conversation about kids, family, God, cooking, etc. I find her to be very down to earth, very kind, and very genuine. She has three gorgeous sons, who are teenagers. Her perspective is always right on - and the note she sent me, was heaven sent. She expressed how she had been on both sides of the mom deal - a stay at home mom, and a working mom, and then a working mom who went through College later in life.  She wanted me to know - that she felt where I was coming from - and that ultimatley, God would put me right where I needed to be at that specific moment. She was and is SO RIGHT. Thank you so much, for sharing those words with me friend, they were so comforting and encouraging.

Dream Job Related: So, in regards to the Dream Job. Maybe it wasn't actually my dream job after all. I mean, it was soooooooo ME. But, maybe my real dream job is a passion that is unrelated to hospitality, social media and technology. I think my real dream job would be to be paid for writing. Or maybe to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Maybe God has something I don't even recognize as a possibility down the road for me. Who knows, right? We are never too old to keep dreaming.

Total House Re-Organization: ahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeahhhhh, right. Very hard to do with a 3 year old, and a 3.5 month old at home, and a husband who works evenings leaving me with FOUR kids to care for......Somewhere, right now, a woman who is in the same spot as I am, but who has everything labeled, neat and organized is saying, "Pffffffft....tough up, Meli!" and I say to her....You are a better woman than I am, for sure.

Blogging: I'm starting this '30 days of Truth" deal. Many bloggers across the web are doing it...It's pretty simple - there are 30 questions that you answer honestly, day by day. The thought is to inspire us all to write daily. You can start whenever you want - just have to finish it. I suck at consistency when it comes to this blog - sooo let's see how we do with it, no?

There you go, think I covered everything left outstanding.....