Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chunky, Teething Monkey

Raegan and I are a bit under the weather - we're recuperating from a rather short but exhausting, hideous cold. Here is hoping we are feeling better tomorrow, because neither of us are the nicest when we are feeling bad. I am hoping that it will not spread to the other kiddies - especially Baby John as he is a baby and already a little uncomfortable due to his....teeth!

Yep, I said it.


I am convinced he is teething - he will be 4 months old next week - it's totally possible. His big brother had a tooth at 4 months (teething starting at 2 months, no joke!), Raegan at 5 months, and Abby at 6months. It usually takes a month or two before it breaks through. Judging by how much he is drooling, how constantly he is biting his fingers, and how he'll gum the heck out of your knuckle - I am positive his pearly whites are on their way.

With us being sick - I've tried not to hold John anymore than I've had to today. Which, let me tell you, is HARD. I love that little boy so much - and he loves me back tenfold. It's been hard not to give him smooches and hear him giggle!

He spent most of his play time today on the floor, practicing his tummy time and trying desperately to roll over. He's getting close - he's about three quarters of the way over. He's plowing through his physical milestones like a pro - he reminds me a lot of Jake in that regard. He has some really strong head control - and he has found his hands. He can already grasp on to this adorable little monkey toy my parents gave him - a monkey for a chunky monkey!