Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Days of Truth - Earlllly on day 5

Something you hope to do in your life.

One of the coolest things Wilo and I have ever done together was way back in the day - wayyyy back, like before we were married and we only had Jakob (aka LIVING IN SIN. Tee. Hee) - was spend a wonderful, memorable, baby free night drinking too much cheap wine (and probably partaking in other things - hellloooo, it was our hippie days!) and making a list of all the things we wanted to do together in the future.

The list is about 50 things long - and written on this awesome 13x9, pretty stationary. Some things are very realistic and direct - others are very abstract. I've always kept list, and as we've had our lives together, we've been able to check off some things as we've completed them.


Sigh, at myself. 

It is around here somewhere - tucked away in a keepsake box, I'm sure. The trouble is - my closet is full of keepsake boxes, and going through all of them would require A LOT of effort, and um hellooooo, I have four children - and 3 extra tonight and there is no blasted way I'm gonna even attempt to do that. Are you crazy?

I'm gonna address some of the ones I know by heart - I've read that list hundreds of times, and it's brought me great comfort when I need to remember how blissfully in love Wilo and I were back then - and how full of passion and ambition we were. (Not that we are not now, it's just 11 years later, you know!)

Anyways - we've been able to cross a couple of things off the list...

Like me visiting California and me touching an actual REAL mountain (and wilo was very specific - he's from New Mexico, and noted that "mountain" did not include any hill in West Virgina).

We've lived in a House - we've owned a few cars - we've accomplished getting Married - and having FOUR children (yes, yes I did write I wanted to have FOUR kids! I even specified having two girls and two boys - go figure! Bat Shit Crazy, I was).

We've read to our children every day (almost every day, there is this thing called SUMMER, don't hate! We totally slack during the summer with late nights and all) - and we've taught them about God.

We've influenced their tastes in music to the best of our Rock and Roll abilities (damn you Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus), and we've told each other that we love each other a greater portion of the days we've spent together.

Here are some things from that list that we have YET to do - and we HOPE to do someday, in the future.

-  Ride Horses in Montana

 - Visit Kenya and go on a Safari

 - Go back to College

 - Backpack through Europe with $5000 and NO itinerary -  see as much as we can, for as long as we can

 - Visit the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

 - Learn to speak two languages

- See the Great Wall of China

 - Buy a really expensive telescope

 - Stand under the Great Redwoods 

 - Climb Mount Everest

 - Take a train in Grand Central Station

- Hike the Appalachian Trail

 Isn't that great? 50 things of that nature....Makes me wanna go find that list.