Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Days of Truth - DAY EIGHT!

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

What's with the personal questions that bring up bad memories? What did I sign up for?!


Tee. Hee.

I don't think there is really anyone in my life who has "made my life hell" - I  think that in order for someone to do that to you - you have to let them. I mean, I'm not talking about someone who is tragically kidnapped, or violently harmed, unnecessarily bullied or abused - often those things cannot be controlled.  I'm talking about someone who "makes your life hell" by talking smack, or being cliquey, or taking your boyfriend, breaking your heart or whatever. I think in those instances - you give them the power buy letting their childish actions dictate your life.

That being said - to answer the question - I have had people treat me like total crapola.

SHOCKING. I know! what to tell you about....

Do I tell you about the girl who went out of her way to be mean to me through out Elementary, Middle and High School? No, because she really didn't bother me too much - I acutally felt really sorry for her, to be mean to someone without any reason, is very sad. There, obviously, was something else going on there. And, she was only one person, I had plenty of friends who made up for her mean girl agenda.

Or what about the sleaze ball boss I had once, who had a taste for sleeping with his desk clerks. I. COULD. NOT. STAND. HIM. I don't think I've ever called anyone Scum before and truly meant it. He = scum.  He treated me like crap because when I was asked a question by a superior regarding his activities, I told them what I knew.  Sorry, but if you are gonna do that, then well, keep that behind closed doors. But, I eventutally had the last laugh - as when he was obviously, and knowingly breaking some OSHA laws and refused to correct them after multiple people brought them to his attention...I, um..turned him in. Turns out, those OSHA guys respond wicked quickly to complaints filed by a very, very pregnant woman who was forced to inhale massive amounts of carpenter dust all day. Go Figure!

Or Do I tell you about how a group of women at competitor hotels went out of their way to exclude me from their clique? Yeah, that was sooo awful - I  had no choice but to deal with them and put on a smile because that's what Sales does. They had no reason to be so mean - other than the fact that they were old and bitter. I'm not joking. I was a 23 year old, pretty, ambitious girl who was stealing their bookings - and they hated me! And made no secret of it - sure they were nice when they had to be, but as soon as no one was watching - they were down right, MEAN.  Those years - dealing with those women - were wayyyyyyyyy worse than any part of my High School career.

I could probably go on and on and on about people who've treated me poorly, but I remain thankful and grateful that I could write page after page about people who have shown me love, friendship, and kindness.