Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Work Out Virgin?

I mentioned in an earlier update that I was working on a couple of posts - and despite the fact that I've been blogging often lately - I haven't finished any of the posts I mentioned. If you could see the number of posts I have started and not finished - it would probably make you itch, or laugh at how creatively scatterbrained I can be, or prescribe me Ritalin for my apparent ADD.  And, although I have no real obligation to post any of them, I mentioned these publicly, so in my mess of a mind, I totally DO have a commitment to finish them!

I mean, helloooo, how could you get through the rest of the week, without reading what I had to say about weight loss, anxiety and men?!

You all are most welcome, I KNOW you've been dying in anticipation.

Let's start with the heavy stuff first..... Weight loss.

(Get it? Tee. Hee.)

I posted a 25 things about me from 2008 - and about sobbed myself to sleep when I read:

I lost 60lbs in about 8 months with out going on a “diet”. I cut out all fast food, regular soda, and became much, much, much, more active outside.

For Serious. That's quite a bit of weight I lost - two years ago. Did you catch that? TWO YEARS AGO. I had no intention of having to lose weight again this soon, yet here I am. I don't have quite the 60lbs, but I do have about 25 pesky pounds still hanging around from my nine month indulgence, called "growing a human".

It was easier to lose weight in 2008 (after Raegan) because my eating and activity habits were generally poor. I was working at a full service hotel - as a Sales Manager - and even though I was on the go, there was a lot of sitting at my desk, sitting in my car, sitting in my clients office. LOTS of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Fine Dining restaurant with my clients or fast food with my coworkers, as well as a Starbucks on site. It was an appetite (ha!) for disaster - and it certainly was detrimental to my non shrinking waistline.


I came home full time to care  for a newly turned One Year Old little girl who kept my feet moving from the moment we woke up. She loved being outside and so did I. We were outside, somewhere, every day. The heavy lunches, the fast food runs, the rich dinners were all eliminiated - in place of those were fresh, natural, economic meals. I gave up my daily Carmel Macchiato - and turned my Coca- Cola Classic into Diet Coke. I basically watched the weight drop off.

I ended up at 135 lbs, and a size 9/10....(EVEN a size 8 in some things).

It. Was. Awesome.

(Don't hate, keep reading!)

I was able to maintain that weight loss for sometime too; It wasn't temporary because I had actually changed my lifestyle.

Now, fast forward to post baby John prego.

It's not been...so ridiculously and wonderfully effortless simple. I don't have those things to eliminate this time. My lifestyle is pretty much the same - we eat healthy things, and eat fast food very seldom. I don't visit my boyfriends at Starbucks for daily quickies anymore, and while I still drink soda, I am cautious of how much I drink.

I'm bright enough to realize -  if it's not the food that is the culprit, then I should probably investigate the second part to healthy living and weight loss. Something along the lines of...wait...what is it called? Give me a second, I've heard of it before...oh yeah..


I'm talking about REAL, I-have-to-sweat, make my muscles work, lift weights, do sit ups kinda  Exercise...Not just me hiking through the woods exercise (which it totally is, btw!). I'm talking about actual, diligent, targeted, focused........Working Out. I wish I could define what exactly that entails for you, but I cannot, because I have no flippin' clue. My brother J and my sister A (who are both very athletic) have lovingly teased me about having never truly 'worked out' in my life....

And.......They are correct.

I've never even stepped foot into a gym, or spent one cent on an exercise program. I've always stayed thin by watching what I eat and walking a lot.

But...this time....I think I might have to tough up, and lose my working out virginity.

I do not see any other way to revisit those lovely single digit jeans.

WTB: Noob Work Out, PST, plz.