Saturday, September 25, 2010

Three is Less than Four

I only have three of my kiddies tonight - Jakob, Raegan and Baby John. Abby is spending the night with some of her good girlie friends.

It's so funny how having three kids is a "Break"!

It sooooo is though!

AND - On top of that - I need to thank whoever pushed the EZ-MODE button tonight - because Raegan is Sleeping, John is Sleeping and Jake is watching a movie.

I needed a break today, too.

It was just one of those mornings. Wilo forgot I needed coffee so I had to wake up caffiene free - so lame! (shhh...I am a caffiene JUNKIE).  Then, I was also out of instantly gratifing (think: poptarts!) or easily made (think: cereal) breakfast foods - so I had to wake up to actually MAKING breakfast (think: pancakes). I love to cook breakfast if I choose to do it - not if I have to do it. With No Caffiene. And kids reminding you that they are STARVING every 3 minutes.

Then, I wanted to get started on cleaning, and I wanted every set of able hands to help.  Mind you, I don't live in a HUGE house, I don't even live in a BIG house. With 10 hands - work should go so quickly.


It was just a headache and hassel, and put me in a pissy mood. One of those moods where everything starts to irritate you. Stressed me out. See...

Emo Meli!

The thread went on with different Mommies commenting - and the point was made that the Grass is always greener on the otherside - Staying home is incredibly hard, but working isn't any easier. My friends were right - it always DOES seem greener on the other side.
Mothering, Wife-ing (not. a. word.), LIFE - is stressful sometimes no matter who you are, you know?

Thankfully, I got over the first part of the day by ways of a hot shower, a visit with my neighbor, a visit with my BFF and a nice chat with another neighbor friend. I was thankful for the social interaction, and the peaceful kiddies. And Coffee, And Internet.

Anyways, very thankful for the relaxing evening!

Hope you are relaxing this Saturday evening, too ; )

(p.s. Blogging on a Saturday Night = total hotness, btw.....hehehe)