Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suck it up, Meli!

Poor Baby John has a cold. Nothing to be overly concerned about - no fever, clear snot (yum, I know. Sorry, for the grossness!). He's also been drooling a lot, which makes me wonder if he is starting to teethe a little bit. He IS three months old, and babies teethe for a longggggg time, before the tooth breaks through.

Anyways, I've been having to do one of my LEAST favorite jobs ever as a parent - and that's to suck the all the congestion out so Baby John can breathe better. You have to do it! But, its SO gross, in my honest opinion... It makes me nervous, because  hello, I'm sticking up something up his nose! And he is squirmy and obviously not down with this idea. Helloooo...this cannot be comfortable. It could go to his brain you know!

Seriously, it creeps me out a little, even after four kids.

But, I suck it up..and do it.....Tee Hee.

(Nice one, me!)

Here is how to do it btw - I didn't need any saline solution though, but that just makes it that much MORE fun, let me tell you..... ; )

There is not much you can do for babies with colds - no cold meds, and he doesn't need a fever reducer (he has no fever!) or a pain reliever. Basically, You suck their lil noses out with the torture device, you can let them lay at slight incline, and you can cuddle them.

Here is hoping it will be clearing up soon!