Saturday, September 25, 2010

I've Been Blogging, no?

I know!

I am totally patting myself on the back for being so active with my postings this month!


I must say - what makes this month different than my past months (which were increasingly more consistent) are Three totally different things....

One) I've received some really good, fun feedback from old and new friends about my writing. And you guys know that I LOVE that. I mean like....I LOVE that. Thank you very much. It totally inspires me to keep writing.

Two) I've really been feeling the need for a creative outlet. I've discussed how I realized that a big part of me misses working - and not just any job - a job that I would enjoy. Sales is very creative. I loved that aspect - I loved designing and writing Marketing Collateral. I am good at it. So, until something perfect comes along on the job front,  I will have some pent up creative energy - writing is a GREAT outlet for that!!

Three) I haven't had an active World of Warcraft account for three weeks, for personal reasons. This is the first time for that in ohhh..........3 years. It's utterly geeklicious, and totally nerdy. (I once had a really nice blog post about why I played WoW, but I deleted that entire collection of writing in haste one day. SO SAD.I will one day do another)  For now, I'll just say that it is a hobby - and is something I do instead of watching TV or Reading night. It's really social - and I have a couple real, genuine friends I've made through that game. And, I totally understand that they are not real swords we are using..... he. he. he.

I am hoping to keep up the writing going forward, and find a balance between Gaming and Writing. I enjoy them both. I am going to go one more week sans the pew pew - and then reactivate the account for a month. I really do miss my gaming friends. A Lot.

But...also enjoy connecting better with my 'Real Life' friends and acquaintances, through my own, little corner of the Internet.