Thursday, September 16, 2010

Incredibly Lucky.

While the thought of a fancy job was enticing and exciting, and I meant everything I said - there is something equally delightful about being able to spend a deliciously rainy morning cuddling with my coffee and my Rae Rae.

p.s. yeah, still not even a 'nod' on my dream job  - it's ok. It's more a blow to my ego than anything, as I mentioned I've never not been considered. Welcome to life, Melissa, right? I think today, I'm gonna spend time thanking God for being all knowing, loving and powerful - obviously, there is a reason. Maybe I'm gonna have something even more perfect knock at my door, or maybe he's gonna show his love to me in ways I can't even imagine, resulting in absolute fulfillment and awe.

True Stories, yo.