Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great Blanket Debate

My big kids are a little competitive, and I have no idea where in the world that comes from.

HA! They come by it honest.

It's funny when and where this competitiveness manifests itself - sometimes its during cleaning time...(I bet I can finish before you, GO!) or regarding school...(I bet I'll get a better grade on my spelling!)...or about something completely trivial....(I can totally stand here on my head, while saying my ABC's, backwards, for longer than you!).

Most recently, it's centered around their 'lovey' blankets from their baby days. When they were  little, my mother made each of them, these lovely fleece blankets, edged with satin. Both kids took to them personally and loved them dearly. They eventually grew out of the need to cuddle with them, as all kids do. I, of course, kept them, and they've been staples around my house since.

A few weeks back - Jake decided he would like to pass on his beloved 'lovey' to baby John. John took to this blanket instantly and loves it. It's VERY sweet (and a little surreal to hold quatro, wrapped up in Uno's blankie). That's all good, except...Abby wants to see John wrapped up in hers!

I caught Abby talking with John the other night, about all of the things that make her blankie better than Jake's. (She's quite the sales person!) "Look at allllll the colors John!"..."See how it fits you better?" "Smell it, it smells like me, not a dirty boy!".

So, I try to give John equal time with each blankie, and never the less, the opposing blanket sneaks its way into the bassinet, stroller, bouncy chair...etc....

It's pretty amusing, and wicked adorable.

p.s. Abby's is the tie dye, and Jake's is the Teddy Bears.