Monday, September 6, 2010

Further Proof

I haven't posted because I've been busy recovering from a broken ankle and back spasms from doing numerous back handsprings on the way home from the bus stop on the first day of school.


Kidding, of course. My cheerleader days are longgggg gone. I don't think I could do one cartwheel at this point at my life with out hurting myself. I can yell loudly, smile and look cute, though!

We have successfully completed two weeks of school, and are currently enjoying the long, beautiful, fall like holiday weekend. The kids seem to be adjusting well to their new classes - though we are still struggling to stay on task with homework in the evenings. We finish it but it takes so much longer than needed which is extremely frustrating.

It's awesome to be home with just Raegan and John during the day. It's very relaxing. We have a really laid back morning where John and Wilo sleep while Raegan and I have breakfast, pick up and play time.

Part of our current play - is on the computers. She is incredibly savvy. We've been pretty generous with computer time with all of our children. But Raegan, she's the only one who's had access to a computer her entire life. She can play nearly any game on or with little help. Those two sites are well worth my Internet bill every month. You should check them out if you have a toddler - you'd be surprised how quickly little children master basic navigation skills...and all of the content is educational though presented in a fun, entertaining, involving manner.

Baby John is a smiling, happy baby, per usual! He has a bit of a cold - Raegan had a bit of it last week too. But you couldn't tell by the way he acts. I am so hooked on that baby. 

Other than school, kids, homework, and baby..I've been spending my personal time playing WoW more - which I care to elaborate on in a later post. I'm actually working on a few posts currently - so stay tuned to hear about me finding my baby weight loss motivation - cause I've been lacking it! Men - because they are lacking in general! (Sorry boys, too many of you have been the topic of negative conversations with my girls lately!) and my anxiety (sadly, that's not been lacking.)

So, until then....