Friday, September 17, 2010

A Different Kind of Music to my Ears

Last Friday, Jakob found himself in BIG trouble with a grumpy mama.

He had darted in after school and said, "MOM! I'm gonna go ride bikes with Ethan (his bff), Can I please take your camera?"

I, of course, said NO to the camera, and YES to the bikes.

Sorry, man, the camera is MINE, yo! And you are TEN! And a BOY!

Well, Jake decided not to listen about the camera and got busted courtesy of his little sister, Abby. (Lil sisters are sooo good for that, no?)

I was grumpy and he was grounded.

I was going thru my camera today and came across the videos he made. They were mostly of bike 'tricks'. While he most definitely should have been disciplined for disobeying me (and he was), I can't help but to be thankful for what he captured.

There will be a day, when my home is empty, and he is grown, that I will long to hear this sound.