Monday, September 13, 2010

25 Things You didn't know about ME.

This is a post from an old blog of mine from 2008....I could probably come up with 25 more things, but I really liked this one - so, I'm sharing it in 2010....

I grew up swearing that I was never ever ever having children and I wasn’t planning on getting married.

Yeah, God saw my life differently :) I was married at 19 and had two kids by 21.

I think women who chose to have their labors naturally and with out any drugs are completely insane. Beautiful? NO. Painful? YES!. Meet me in the parking lot with the epidural, thank you.

I - Miss Conservative - think pot should be legal and believe in its medicinal value, but won’t be one of the pot friendly parents who let kids smoke. Do as I say, not as I did! 

I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth.

I met my BFF on the short bus!!!  For real!! We were freshman (when G-port had a freshman building) and we took a theatre class at the high school campus. The bus they used to shuttle us was a short bus. FUNNY now. Oh so funny. We are teased about still needing to ride it.

I have a really hard time connecting with women - but once a connection has been made, I am extremely loyal and giving. Girls are mean sometimes!

I can type over 100wpm.

I’m scared of storms if I am alone. If I have someone else around, I love them and think they are exciting.

My first kiss was on a plane to Europe. Not tooo classy I must say, but very adventurous. 

I don’t watch horror movies because I don’t like being scared. I will even leave the room when some of the previews come on because even those scare me.

I lost 60lbs in about 8 months with out going on a “diet”. I cut out all fast food, regular soda, and became much, much, much, more active outside.

I don’t want to lose anymore weight for a couple reasons – I wouldn’t have any clothes to wear and I would miss my boobs.

I am a great kisser and would immediately dump you if I didn’t like the way you kissed. Hahahah. Bitch? NO. Really high smooching standards? YES!

My daughter Abby is dancing in the hallway like an Indian as I type this, Reagan is in her diaper with her cuppy dancing on my bed, and Jakob is arguing with me about logging on to warcraft.

I’m not Wilo’s dream girl, and I’m ok with that. Wil’s dream girl is a red head, has freakishly large ta-tas and looks like Katie Couric and can stay awake during any movie. She will be knowledgeable about Zelda, and could possibly sing. She also will be able to quote random lines from said movies, and relate everything to a Captian Kirk line. She will also be tall.

I met my dream guy once but he didn’t feel the same way.

I was able to travel England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales as a teen. That’s where my mom says it all went wrong. I gained a true sense of self and independence.

I spent too much of my time on that trip worrying about a cute boy tho. Typical.

I love music and it speaks to me in soooo many ways.

I would like to own a cheerleading uniform now that I am skinny. I wouldn’t wear it in public, but I would totally rock it randomly at home. I think it’s silly and fun. Wilo thinks that’s creepy. Alas, my girls do not, as we will be taking a trip to the costume shop to try on various items…Save the Cheerleader, Save the world.

My brain doesn’t process paper information – I find paper to be overwhelming. 100% of my day to day is on the pc. 100% of the paper that comes in the mail is ….um I couldn’t tell you. Try a drawer. Or on top of the fridge. Or in the fridge. Paper creeeeps me out.

I am totally unimpressed by people or things. Money means nothing to me. It really doesn’t. The brand you wear or the car you drive…yeah, I prolly wont notice them. And if you point it out to me, I will just roll my eyes to you. I mean it.

I am impressed by kindness, humor, acceptance and genuine people.

My idea of a great date is – Good beer (like Guinness, Harp, Bass, NewCastle, Sam Adams) and a day in the woods. For real. That’s my style.