Sunday, June 5, 2011

15 Albums - Again.

I cannot believe I never posted this here on this blog. Sigh. I have referenced this list in several other posts too. Anyways, this is one of my all time favorite posts, ever. I originally intended to post it in March of last year, and apparently did not. I must have been to busy growing a human.)

 I was tagged in a note on Facebook this week, and it was one that I had already completed a few years back. I had also posted this on a blog I had in 2007, so a good number of you have read this already. But, I thought it was worth posting again in 2010!. Music is my mistress - and I put a lot of thought into narrowing down my favorite, most personal albums. Here you go,. in no particular order...the music that shaped ME!

1) Revolver, The Beatles... I first heard this album when I was in 7th grade. We had a music teacher who took a week and showed us all about these handsome men from Liverpool.. In retrospect, I am sure she was a huge fan and this was a fun project for her. I immediately bonded to the sound, and to the Beatles themselves. When I was 14 I traveled to the British Isles, and while in England bought some really nice matted, framed photos of them.  They have hung, somewhere, in every place I have lived. I like the fact that my children recognize the Beatles when they hear it.

2) Desperado, The Eagles
. I borrowed this cd from my uncle around the same time and I remember thinking wow, um, this is what REAL music is....I love the Eagles! Desperado especially... It haunts me and romances me at the same time. This is one of the first albums that my heart connected with, and I began to realize that I had very good taste in some very good Rock and Roll.

3) Appetite for Destruction, Guns and Roses. Paradise City. This is funny. So, when I was in 3rd grade, a boy I liked wore Guns and Roses T-shirts every day. I remember him singing Paradise City on the bus on the way home from a field trip. He was so dreamy and such a rebel, in my little girl mind!  Since then, I have had a life long attraction to boys who dig music. I sang the song when I got home, and my mom hated it! I never forgot the words or the band. Years later, in Middle school, I listened to the album and had a friend make me a tape of it. Its remained a favorite. Dunno why, but they specifically remind me of how it feels good to break the rules sometimes.

4) Keep the Faith, Bon Jovi. Ahhh, My sweet Jon Bon Jovi. I loved that man, and even as I type this it stirs a bit of emotion in my heart. I first heard Bon Jovi at the beach, in a beautiful beach house with my entire family. The house was amazing. I was so lucky as a child to get to experience a taste of luxury like that. There was a big open sun room on the back..I'd grab that tape, and my walkman (google it if you are a youngin!) and sit out there and soak in all the sun and soak in all the words. I listened to that album over and over. I still listen to Bon Jovi at least once a week. We have to maintain our relationship!

5) Crazysexycool, TLC. This album introduced me to R&B. I loved the beat, the lyrics and the girls. Aside from Wilson Phillips, this was the first girl band that I really really liked. A couple years ago I watched a VH1 documentary about Lisa Left Eye and her untimely passing. I cried like a baby.

6) Workingman's Dead, The Grateful Dead. This is the first Dead album that I owned, and I bought it because of Uncle Jon's Band. It immediately started a love affair with this sound, time, and culture.

7) Add it Up (1981-1993), The Violent Femmes. I have owned this album about 5 times since I was 16. If it gets lost or broken, I always replace it.  A good friend, introduced them to me and I really took to the funky. I liked the sex and the love, and the folky sound. They were one of the first concerts I attended..and that concert marked the day that I fell in love with seeing Live Music. I unfortunately find myself having to skip many of the songs on that CD when the kids are around these days, and they are dying to hear the songs I skip. One day, I'll share them.

8) Rift, Phish.
Now you either 1) love phish, 2) hate phish or 3) have never heard of them. Phish was huge in developing my taste for Jam bands, and my taste for hippie folk. I took to this band because it was so evident that they were the opposite of pop music. With Phish its all about the music, not the lyrics. Phish is diverse, on the same album you can hear genuine rock and roll, bluegrass, reggae, salsa, country, I love it. So many memories are tied to this album but I'll spare you from listening to them as some of them were honestly, drug induced. I've seen Phish live several times, and would love to catch them this summer in the famous, Alpine Valley, but wouldn't get as crazy as I did then, for sure.

9)Where the Fields Grow Green, Ekoostik Hookah. Want to talk about music that changes your life? Yeah, Hookah did that for me. I was introduced to Hookah before meeting Wilo by another good friend. I fell in love with the sound and the message. For real - peace, love, happiness. Going against the grain of what was considered to be normal. I first saw them at a festival the summer after I graduated. I loved the freedom, the acceptance. It was the first time that I felt what it was like to be completely free. I could let down my guard and be who I really was, despite what my parents thought of it. I fit in in so many ways. I eventually met Wil at a Hookah show (October 31, 1999) and my life changed that night. Whenever life is getting hectic, and I feel old and confined by my current mom/wifey gig, I put on Hookah and it instantly takes me back to the days where I was just a pretty hippie chick who saw shows all the time.

10) Lands Unknown, The Shantee. Local to Columbus, this album will never be far from my cd player. The same songs Wil and I danced to back in the day, have been sang and danced to by all of my children. Mike Perkins is a genuine, fun loving, down to earth artist, who simply as he states in Brotherman, "just try's to make a living out of singing songs to my brotherman". I can relate to almost  every song. These songs have accompanied me thru out every stage of my life since 18, the hardest times, the happy times and the times in between. Out of all the options for fun in C-town, If I get a night free, I am trying to go dance my bootie off with my girls to Mike Perkins.

11) Fleetwood Mac, Fleetwod Mac
. Ok, let me just say that if I was a lesbian, Stevie Knicks would be my dream lady. (HA!) Her gypsy ways and her raspy sound have intoxicated me from the start. She is what I consider to be beatiful. Been a fan my whole life. My dad liked them too and I think this album came from him. Fleetwood Mac has such a unique gritty yet classy sound. I love Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing and how they just plain and simply rock.

12) Sticky Fingers, The Rolling Stones. I dont know why but every time I hear a Stones song, I feel so cool.  Seriously, I do. It's, cool, sexy music. I can remember being about 16 and driving around listening to the Rolling Stones and smoking. I have never found Mick Jagger to be attractive, but I was so attracted to the "roles" he played. There is an unspoken spark to their songs, and its made obvious by their longevity in the music world. Wild Horses was on this album, and its the first song that got me hooked to the band. .

13) Free at Last, DC Talk
. This is probably my oldest and most favorite album, I owned it at 11, and I also went to my first concert ever at that age. God showed me at that young of an age that music is indeed special, and can be used as to communicate very dearly and intimately with us. Everything Good Comes from God right? So, Good Music does too. DC Talks music inspired me, spoke to me and changed me. The band has since gone their own ways I believe, but I still find direction and comfort in one of their Members, TobyMac. And, his stuff is musically sound, and diverse, and funky.

14) Fashion Nugget, Cake. Cake has some funky jams man. ahaha. For real. Again music from my past that I've held on too. Did you know they sing the theme song to Chuck? Cool, huh?

15) 40oz to Freedom, Sublime
. This is my album for when I need to say wt-heck ever... I will forever appreciate Bradly Nowell's tattoos, sexiness and angst. hehe. God Rest his soul. Sadly, the lifestyle overcame him and he died of an heroin overdose leaving a child and a wife behind. Its really rather sad to know that while his life was undoubtedly exciting and fun, he missed what would have probably made him the most happy. I have all the Sublime albums and get made fun of for it, but sublime is special.