Sunday, August 15, 2010

Update. GO GO!

Baby John is 6 weeks old now - I know!


These weeks have just flown by - it seems like it took forever for him to come and now that he is here the weeks are moving with a super sonic quickness.

He is still incredibly sweet. He is growing more and more alert by the day. He is becoming very curious, and wanting to be upright during his awake time, so that he can look around. He loves being carried like a Kangroo and observing everything that happens around him.

When he sleeps, he likes to have his brown and tan, polka dotted, fleecy soft blanket around him - and he takes a pacifier to fall asleep. He falls alseep easily in my arms, but likes to stay there for a bit - if I try to put him down quickly he will wake up and fuss.

He is a baby, and baby's are to be indulged - you can never hold one enough - so I cuddle with him until he drifts far away into dream land. He's sleeping for 2-3 hours at a time and falling for a long 5hour stretch between 10pm and 3am. I think that's awesome!

He is also smiling. SMILING, you guys! Big, cheesy, grins. I love them. I work allllllll day for them, and the feeling is sooooo worth it when he gives one up. I think I'd react the exact same way I would if Brad Pitt, or Gordon Ramsay, or any other ridiculously attractive fellow for that matter - smiled right at me. I become all giddy and nervous and silly and it just makes my heart explode.

(Yes, I have a wicked crush on Gordon Ramsay. Yes - the older, foul mouth, Brit Chef. Yes, I still get wicked goofy and nervous around attractive men- even though I had to deal with a ton working in Sales, none Chef Ramsay hotttt, of course. .. Totally getting off topic here -I should definitely write about all this one day; It's rather funny!)


Jake and Abby are heading into their last week of summer. Special thanks to their Granny who volunteered to take them shopping for school supplies. They came home this weekend with the last of what they needed - and they were excited at the thought of school starting soon. Don't let them fool you - the excitement quickly faded as they realized that in week - they actually would be starting school. 

I hope this will be a good year for them - the first year that they are in separate schools and separate busses. The School District they attend has an intermediate school for grades 4 through 6 - so Jakob will be attending that building. I'm not sure how I feel about this idea to be honest. The difference between Fourth grade and Sixth is HUGE in my opinion. So, I'm a little nervous. I'll be praying for him - please do too. And for me. I don't like worrying!

Abby will still be in the K - 3 building - entering into 3rd grade. I think she will do very well this year - but, that is to be expected with her anyways. She is an over-achiever like her mama. I love it. It's refreshing. She's had a fun summer much due to some special friends she's made that live across from us. They are good girls - not mean ones. (Yes, there are totally mean girls at the elementary level! Mean girls are mean from birth, I tell you! ). Abby is a nice girl - so I've been very pleased to watch her enjoy some good girl friendships. I hope they will be friends that she keeps for her lifetime.

Raegan has been enjoying the summer too - I am lucky to have 2 little girls near her age living close to us. She likes to play outside with them - riding their little bikes, running, talking. It's cute. I'm happy for her to have her friends so close to her home. Raegan has also been very silly lately - and has had me cracking up. The way that child's mind works is often hilarious - and wicked complex. She's the child who is always two steps ahead of what she's doing and the one who thinks she can control any and every situation to her way just because she is Rae Rae - the little Rae of Sunshine. She's not snotty really - she does it all with honey, and a cute smile, and big beautiful blue eyes.

(I am going to channel Raegan's selling abilities should I ever go back to work. I'm not kidding - she's adorable. My grown up Sales adorable + her little girl adorable would = no fail! Tee. Hee. I should also write about me missing my job one day too - b/c lately I have been. It's been on my brain. GASP! I know. Discuss amongst yourselves... )

So, There you go - end of summer family wrap up. Stay tuned. Provided I don't hurt myself doing back hand springs as the kids ride off to their first day of school, I should be writing soon!